CACK Restaurant Review: Griddle 145…..A New Way To Contract Rampant Diarrhea

I write this from my phone while sitting on the toilet. I ate at Griddle 145 this morning and cannot stop pooping. My It’s a constant green stream ever since I swallowed the gruel those folks at Griddle 145 call food. Ugh!!!

A little background info. I saw on that a new restaurant had opened up on 145. Immediately, I had the urge to avoid this place at all costs. Instinctively, I believed the food would not be good and this place will probably be closed by Christmas. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. The place is owned by a husband and wife. I met both of them this morning and was not impressed even before I tasted the food. They are, in essence, a trendy yuppie couple who have probably sunk their entire nest egg into Griddle 145. More about all of that later. Let me talk about the food first off.

My wife and I went to Griddle 145 for breakfast. I ordered the Bay Omelet and she went for the Red Velvet Pancakes which is supposed to be their signature dish. The Bay Omelet is supposed to have crab meat, asparagus and Boursin cheese inside of it. Instead of fresh crab there was imitation crab meat instead. The asparagus was very real but tasted as if it came out of a can. The Boursin cheese was actually just plain old cream cheese…I know Boursin cheese and this was not it! The toast was soggy and the breakfast potatoes dry and void of flavor. The eggs were runny.The price tag for the dish is $10.95, however, it was worth maybe half of that.

The Red Velvet pancakes were a disaster. Essentially one big ball of sweet under the guise of a breakfast. The pancakes had no texture, just two mounds of red goo. The maple syrup cream cheese was disgusting beyond description. I thought we’d go down and enjoy a nice breakfast from a home grown restaurant on our day off.

I bet this guy just ate at Griddle 145 too.

The joke was on us. Now we are both suffering from some very violent sprays. My wife is in the downstairs bathroom, I’m upstairs. It sounds like that scene from Dumb and Dumber when Harry drinks the laxative. It’s a mess. Explosive diarrhea on both floors of the house. All thanks to some under cooked food or bad ingredients from Griddle 145. No toilet bowl deserves this kind of suffering.

Griddle 145 makes Yoccos look like Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. Seriously, it’s that bad. The two owners have apparently watched too much of the Food Network. They think they can cook. Apparently no one has told these hipsters that they cannot. Maybe because they didn’t want to offend them. So be it. The trendy owners have probably sank their entire nest egg into Griddle 145 and I hope they lose every last cent after the terrible food they served.

And don’t even get me started on the decor……the wife decorated the place and she must be color blind.

Half a star rating for Griddle 145 because the wife looks like the hooker in Full Metal Jacket.

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14 Responses to CACK Restaurant Review: Griddle 145…..A New Way To Contract Rampant Diarrhea

  1. Congrats on being such a bunch of turds. You’re probably not use to good food, and the disgusting mass of guts you use for a digestive system revolted. This place is too good for Allentown, and the POS racist trash that have posted here.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizens Against Commissioner Kern and commented:

    It’s been a year since I reviewed this place and the dump is still open….barely from what I have heard. So consider this a reminder about how big of a crapbox Griddle 145 is.

  3. matts1970 says:

    a friend of mine got a bacon egg on croissant, she posted the photo. The croissant looked sweaty, she said the potatoes were drowning in grease and her egg was runny, she sent it back so they must’ve nuked it when it came out the 2nd time the egg was cooked but the bacon was burned..she drank her far less than average coffee and split the joint hungry, prolly for good measure from your horrible experience.

  4. Rubbernecker says:

    The mayor was there today for the ribbon cutting. Welcome to Whitehall. Your shitty food will fit in well here

  5. Zephyr Mom says:

    I went to G145 two weeks ago. The food was average but the waitress told me something interesting. The servers divide up the tips. That’s normal, but she also said the owners get a cut too. Creative bookkeeping of sorts, isn’t it? I leave a tip for the server. The owner gets the money from the bill.

  6. Bronco Nagurski says:

    It makes Yoccos look like Peter Lugers….ROTFLMAO! People here dont even know what Peter Lugers is!

  7. Whitehall Food Authority says:

    Food- Atrocious
    Cleanliness- NONEXISTENT

    I saw TWO mice skitter across the floor when I was in here Saturday morning. TWO! I guess now I know what they put on the griddle

  8. Sam Spadeliano says:

    I don’t know what everyone here is talking about. My dog loved the food at Griddle 145

  9. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    The cuisine here is absolute dog$hit. You want good food? Go to NYC

  10. Jane Dresher says:

    So did she love you long time? I drive past this restaurant every day. It’s not going to make it. Our esteemed mayor Hozbollah is going to do a ribbon cutting ceremony there next week. Ha! Talk about the kiss of death

  11. Grape Street Walker says:

    Sounds like that omelet is Loving You Long Time, GI

  12. Howard Eckhardt says:

    LMAO @ the FMJ comment

  13. George Blake says:

    I tried Griddle out too. My experience wasn’t as sickening as your was, but you’re right. The food leaves much to be desired.

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