CACK Sports Undate: Whitehall Zephyrs Humiliated……. :)

Apparently, there was a football game at Whitehall High School last night. Parkland High School Vs. The Redheaded Stepchildren. This morning at WaWa the mood among the locals was grim. It didn’t take long to find out the cause of the grief and sadness. Brace yourselves……the Whitehall Zephyrs lost a football game at home. And as I said, it was not just a loss. Parkland cleaned their clocks. LMAO!!!!!! The Zephyrs were nothing but Parkland’s bitches on the field last night. I feel bad taking such satisfaction in the misery of our township. However, what brings my fellow Whitehall citizens anguish and pain also brings me joy and happiness.
For nearly a month all I’ve heard about is how good the Zephyrs look. I guess I don’t have to worry about hearing that anymore. LOL

Zephyr Crash!

Have a Great Weekend!

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