Commissioners Sore At Hozza’s Shenanigans? Pot, Meet Kettle

Things have been quiet for a while on the township politics front. It actually seemed like the elected commissioners and our less than glorious mayor were beginning to function adequately and with some respect towards what is best for Whitehall. Judging by the Morning Call article yesterday, maybe not.

Mayor Ed “Hozzbollah” Hozza used money from the LaGrange fund to cover the costs of purchasing Prydun Farms. Hozza was quoted as saying he intended to return the money to the LaGrange fund once the money from state and county grants came through. The grants were awarded to cover the purchase of Prydun farms. Unfortunately, the owners wanted to close in March and Hozza did not have the money available. So he did what any politician worth his salt would do. He dipped from one cookie jar to cover the shortage in another. Happens all the time at every level of government.

What makes this so interesting is that Board President Linda Snyder is up in arms over the entire deal. Linda Snyder of all people. She has more than her fair share of questionable decisions. There are more rumors swirling about her participation in ‘inappropriate behavior’than any three commissioners combined over the last five years. Kyle Kern included!

That’s like Osama Bin Laden complaining that there’s too much terrorism in the world.

Seems like Snyder has it in for Hozza. She comes out against everything that he supports and vice versa. Just another example of politics as usual in Whitehall. Nothing ever changes. No surprise there.

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