CACK Restaurant Review: Griddle 145…..A New Way To Contract Rampant Diarrhea

It’s been a year since I reviewed this place and the dump is still open….barely from what I have heard. So consider this a reminder about how big of a crapbox Griddle 145 is.

Citizens Against Commissioner Kern

I write this from my phone while sitting on the toilet. I ate at Griddle 145 this morning and cannot stop pooping. My It’s a constant green stream ever since I swallowed the gruel those folks at Griddle 145 call food. Ugh!!!

A little background info. I saw on that a new restaurant had opened up on 145. Immediately, I had the urge to avoid this place at all costs. Instinctively, I believed the food would not be good and this place will probably be closed by Christmas. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot. The place is owned by a husband and wife. I met both of them this morning and was not impressed even before I tasted the food. They are, in essence, a trendy yuppie couple who have probably sunk their entire nest egg into Griddle 145. More about all of that later. Let me talk about…

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