Animal Cruelty?

Or just a human idiot? This man served you, Whitehall. A thin majority of you voted him onto the Board of Commissioners. During his time in office your taxes went up and your confidence in Whitehall’s government went down. Now it looks like he’s training his dog for the Kentucky Derby. Next time, think before you cast your ballots, Whitehall.


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8 Responses to Animal Cruelty?

  1. CCHS #47 says:

    Bruce Brinker’s ghost is laughing at this

  2. Whitehall Librarian says:

    So this is what the former commissioner ( and current library trustee) does with his time instead of helping improve the library’s budget problems! That does it, I QUIT!!!!!

  3. Wisecracking Boozer says:

    I bet that dog gets treated better than the town residents did when Kern was in office.

  4. Cindy Yu says:

    The dog looks malnourished. Feed it to the pig Kern helped save LOL

  5. George Power says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Hozbollah Opposer says:

    Zoom in on the photo and look at how dirty their teeth are. Brown, yuck! LOL

  7. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    I wonder if they’re going to bronze the dog and plant it next to their bench on the trail.

  8. Grape Street Walker says:

    Is that his wife next to him? Man she has a big honker!

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