Lehigh Valley-Opoly: Dumber Than Putting An Arena In Allentown

Leave it to folks in the Lehigh Valley to ruin some things that are classically American. First Yoccos ruined the hot dog. Next it was Matt Millen destroying an NFL team. Now it’s the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. The geniuses there have come up with a Monopoly type game with a Lehigh Valley Twist. Lehigh Valley-Opoly.

The concept behind the game is to replace the famous Monopoly landmarks with local ones. Since the game is sponsored by the Chamber, it’s evident that Lehigh Valley businesses are predominately featured. You can buy the Morning Call, the Historic Bethlehem Hotel or….get ready for this….Harhart’s Service Station. I don’t know who would buy that place. They don’t even know how to change oil properly. If anyone has ever wanted to own the Lehigh Valley Zoo, now is your chance. Might be a nice place to stuff Porkus Maximus. Or maybe buy a Yoccos or the Seangerbund in Coplay.


This topic is too rich for a single post entry. I will be talking about this one a lot between now and Thanksgiving. For now, I’m thinking about designing my own game: Whitehall-opoly. If a player collects all of the benches on the Ironton Rail Trail he can buy himself a seat on the board of commissioners.

Just a thought.

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5 Responses to Lehigh Valley-Opoly: Dumber Than Putting An Arena In Allentown

  1. Harhart's Is A Terrible Garage says:

    Your observation about Harhart’s Garage is spot on. It is a bad business that cheats its customers.

  2. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    Can you buy Central Catholic HS?

  3. Zephyr Mom says:

    I see Giant and Sands are sponsoring the game. It seems like it’s a gimick to make money. Those companies care about the Valley about as much as our politicians do.

  4. Bronco Nagurski says:

    Saw the article about this game. I’ll pass. Loved your idea about Whitehall-opoly though LOL Collect all of the benches and buy yourself an election! LMAO

  5. Art Morhalik says:

    HA HA HA HA This game is going to be a joke.

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