Whitehall-Opoly Brainstorming…..Need Your Input

I still laugh when I hear about the Lehigh Valley-Opoly game that comes out on Friday. I will probably pick one up, if for anything, to use as a conversation piece after a few beers with friends. From what I’ve seen, the creators missed a number of Valley landmarks when they designed the game board. The chamber of commerce limited the properties to the businesses which probably paid the highest fee for inclusion. There’s really no other explanation for having Harhart’s Garage occupy a spot on the board.

Since my last posting I’ve devoted some time towards the idea of a Whitehall-Opoly game. I think it would be fun to design a Monopoly themed game based on our fair town. I’m putting together a sample template and would love to hear the ideas of Whitehall residents and other readers of this blog. What businesses, landmarks and streets should be represented? What should the railways on the original Monopoly board be replaced by? What kind of cards to place in the middle of the board? So many questions.

The Whitehall-Opoly idea is turning into a fun diversion for me. Please hop aboard and contribute your ideas. Maybe we can make the game into a reality one day.

Buy Harhart's garage and maybe hire a new mechanic. One that knows how to tune up an Audi properly

Buy Harhart’s garage and maybe hire a new mechanic. One that knows how to tune up an Audi properly

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5 Responses to Whitehall-Opoly Brainstorming…..Need Your Input

  1. Grape Street Walker says:

    Community Chest Card: “You’ve bought a bench on the Ironton Rail Trail. Advance to the municipal building and collect $200. You are a Whitehall commissioner now!”

  2. Lou says:

    Can we buy up all of the transplants and ship them back to New Yawk?

  3. Zephyr Mom says:

    Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall Mall, the high school and municipal building

  4. Oppressed Civilized Whitehallian says:

    Put the section 8 apartments on the other side of 22 in the game. A player can buy them but has to keep shelling out money every other turn because the crime and decay there is rampant. Just as it is in real life.

  5. Sven Bjornsen says:

    You can put the commissioners up for sale on the board. They can be bought easily in real life, why not in the game too?

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