Fast Snow Removal For The Mayor Of Whitehall, Nothing For The Rest Of Us

As I was struggling to return home in the early stages Sunday’s surprise snowstorm, I couldn’t help but notice that Whitehall’s road crews were nowhere to be found. The snow was beginning to pile up on the streets, and traffic from the mall was backing clogging up the township roads around the shopping areas. Whitehall needed it’s streets plowed, but they weren’t touched at that point. I assumed the plows were off to a slow start or working another section of the town. I was partly correct.

My route home takes me past the home of Whitehall’s esteemed mayor, Ed “Hozzbollah” Hozza. I was astonished to find two township plows removing snow from the mayor’s driveway and adjacent areas of blacktop. Even more shocking was the sight of three township workers shoveling the sidewalks and paths on and in front of the Hozza residence. What makes this scene terrible is the simple fact that no other section of the road was being touched. For that matter, neither were any roads in the rest of Whitehall. But Hozzbollah’s house was getting first rate treatment by the township’s public works.

Am I surprised? Of course not. Whitehall has a corrupt, immoral government.

Should we care about this? Yes, we should. Our tax dollars pay for the equipment and manpower utilized for snow removal all over Whitehall, not just at the Mayor’s residence. I wonder if the Commissioners received the same treatment.

We have to vote these cretins out!!

Ed Hozza- How drunk were you when you voted him back in, Whitehall??

Ed Hozza- How drunk were you when you voted him back in, Whitehall??

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12 Responses to Fast Snow Removal For The Mayor Of Whitehall, Nothing For The Rest Of Us

  1. Greg Fredo says:

    where does hozzballah live? I wanna see this the next time it snows

  2. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    Politics as usual in this town. You know the deal. Challenge the sitting politicos and they get mad. The public works department is theirs not yours. Don’t speed or run any lights in Whitehall, the cops are probably waiting for you, Jim

  3. Broken Audi says:

    Your Posting is a completely untrue as is everything u post.   Shame on your false allegations against public works. You have zero credibility.   You were involved with CCHS basketball, you never had any rallies at the IRT Trail or WT parkway, you never attended a Board meeting, and you drive a clunker. Please tell us more about yourself and your devious motives.

    • Commissioner Kern… it you??

    • Timothy Sanchez says:

      Uh oh, the powers that be are targeting this blog. This rant sounds like it came from Hozza

    • Brooklyn Transplant says:

      You sound like another township lackey. For your information this blog is 100 times more true than anything the idiots at the municipal building will tell you. Lie all you want,. There were no rallies on the IRT? That’s BS, I attended each one. I also vouch for Jim being at many Board meetings and for what it’s worth, he drives a very nice car. Hozza is a joke and so are the Commissioners on the Board. Jim has been effective as hell. He got one commissioner to decide against running for re;election! 🙂

    • Sweet Bologna And Cream Cheese Time says:

      Looks like is at it again. You go through more names than Hozza goes through LaGrange Fund dollars.

  4. Bettys Friend says:

    HmM. I thought priority goes to President Commissioner Linda Snyder. She has been in the Board Room longer than the woodwork. She is the puppetmaster.

  5. More Respect Then You says:

    Ok, ok, stop calling the mayor Hozzbollah please. It’s very disrespectful. Whether you agree with the job he’s doing, it doesn’t help to call him childish names. Honestly, you expect this blog to be taken seriously when you act like a child?

  6. Lou says:

    What are you talking about? There was hardly any snow Sunday! Making trouble again!

  7. Grape Street Walker says:

    Our tax dollars at work. SMH

  8. Fred Scalfani says:

    It’s true. I saw the same thing and live a couple of blocks away. The town guys spent an hour clearing the mayor’s property and then left without even touching the street. I called the Morning Call, they didn’t come out or do anything

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