Twas The Night Before Christmas (In Whitehall)

Twas the night before Christmas and all over the town
The citizens were wondering why their mayor wears a crown
The township building was decked out in holiday splash
No doubt that the display cost a little bit of cash
One stocking above the fireplace was empty- that’s strange.
It was red, limp and labeled “La Grange.”
A note was attached, it said “I.O.U.”
It was obviously written by you-know-who
Hozza-Claus had come, full of Christmas cheer
Spending money that doesn’t belong to him, far and near

Then out on the lawn I heard a clatter
It was Hozza-Claus relieving his bladder
He urinated all over the lawn
Just like he does to his commissioner pawn
When he was finished, he looked at me and said
“I’m gonna spend money until Whitehall is dead.
The LaGrange Fund is my own personal loot.
Try to stop me and you’ll get the boot.”
Just then I saw a sight growing wider
The commissioners, led by Linda Snyder
They came up to Hozza-Claus and said “We want our cut.”
Like hungry squirrels they just wanted to cover their nut
Forget about serving the citizens in this town
All they’re concerned about is sharing Hozza’s crown.

Whitehall is broken this dark Christmas Eve.
We all wish these corrupt heathens would leave
But that will not happen, the politicians know with a grin
They’re free to pillage Whitehall because the idiot citizens voted them in.

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7 Responses to Twas The Night Before Christmas (In Whitehall)

  1. Geoff Weiss says:

    This blog has caught the attention of the political elite in Whitehall. I bet they’re not too happy with your posts now. Running around trying to figure out who you are. Watch your back, Jim.

  2. Who Robbed The LaGrange Fund? says:

    Does Hozzbollah still want to make Whitehall into a city? Anything that could line his pockets he’ll do.

  3. Broken Audi says:

    You are such a bench warmer and have no credibility. The irony is that Mayor Hozza was probably out today buying after Christmas decorations at 80% off using his own money for next years Township display. Previously you preyed on the character of deceased including war vets and made a fuss over the Jesse Reed banners that were purchased by the Mayor and his family. After all this time you are still throwing air balls.

    • You have to read my past posts more carefully. I never preyed on the character of deceased war vets. If Hozza was out buying Christmas decorations today it was probably with LaGrange Fund money. Judging by your responses, I’d say I’m hitting the mark.

      • Broken Audi says:

        You prey on innocent children, defame the character of war vets and make false allegations and personal attacks, and defamed the 50 plus families that have benches and other dedications along the Ironton Rail Trail. You mock the dozens of volunteers that donate and give their free time to the benefit if the township. All this while takinf handouts frim the public and hidding behind your warmup towel.

        • lol I think it’s hysterical that you think I’m a former player from CCHS. I hate to break it to you, but I’m not. Read my old posts again, I stuck up for the vets. I defamed nobody who has dedications on the trail. I simply pointed out the inconsistencies and chicanery associated with the “Money Bench.” No mocking of anyone either. I put my opinion out there and if you agree with it, fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. Just deal with the fact that I don’t like the way Whitehall is being run and I have the stones to blog about it.

    • Zephyr Mom says:

      Maybe if more people would speak out about what’s going on here it would bring about change. I suppose you like the way things are going in town.

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