Allentown Outsourcing More Criminals To Whitehall

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: MacArthur Road is turning into a crime infested strip of cheap restaurants and box stores. Mayor Hozza and the commissioners love to brag about the retail comeback that is taking place on MacArthur Road. What they fail to mention is the surge in violent crime that’s also occurring. I’ve posted about the crime problems going on around MacArthur and Rt.22 previously. It can be found in the link below.

The carjacking that occurred Sunday morning at the Whitehall mini-mart is proof positive that the criminals from Allentown are steadily working their way north into the heart of Whitehall. We’ve known this for some time, of course. Shoplifting has become an Olympic sport at Wal-Mart. Bank robberies, auto theft, even shootings and now carjackings all along the stretch of MacArthur from Lehigh Valley Mall to Mechanicsville Rd.It is becoming worse and there’s no end in sight.

Hozza mentions little about the growing wave of crime. The topic is never broached by the Board of Commissioners. The only time the police department is mentioned in a Board meeting is when the town is searching for a politically correct candidate to head the police department. When our politicians fail us, as they’ve done countless times already, the citizens have a right to look out for their own welfare. Perhaps now is the time to begin neighborhood watch programs in Whitehall. Something similar to the Guardian Angels is not necessary. Vigilante justice wouldn’t work in our town. What I’m talking about is a group of concerned citizens who will patrol their neighborhoods and notify the police if any suspicious people or vehicles are lurking about. It is not much, but it’s something.

Hozza wants to turn Whitehall from a township into a city. The scum in Allentown are already doing it for him.

Stay safe, Whitehall.

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2 Responses to Allentown Outsourcing More Criminals To Whitehall

  1. Keystone Cop says:

    Do you realize how many thugs are prowling Whitehall every day looking for potential victims? And they all come from Allentown

  2. Salisbury Fireman says:

    LOL The blacks and Hispanics in Allentown love coming to Whitehall to rob you people blind. ha ha!

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