Here Comes Another Big Snow Event. Make Sure The Township Cleans Your Street!

Here we go again. Winter has certainly returned this year. As I type this out, it is snowing outside. There’s a coating on the ground already and much more to follow later in the day.

The township has it’s plows, salt trucks and sanders ready. They might even be out already in some select parts of the town that need a lot of attention when it snows. Some roads get slick very fast and need constant plowing and salt laying. Phillips Road is one of them apparently.

Nonetheless, everyone who pays taxes in this town deserves to have their streets cleared. So with the flakes falling, keep an eye on your road and make sure that the township is doing it’s best to keep it passable. If the township is ignoring your road I suggest calling or emailing Hozza or a Commissioner and telling them to do their jobs!


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5 Responses to Here Comes Another Big Snow Event. Make Sure The Township Cleans Your Street!

  1. Sam Weiss says:

    Hozza’s street was cleared early. So was Snyder’s and we saw a few of the fat, lazy volunteer firemen doing some ’emergency’ work at another commissioner’s house at the height of the storm.

  2. says:

    My street is fine. No public officials live on my street.

    Call PennDOT. Lehigh street is a state road maintained by PennDOT. What Mickley are your talking about Road or Avenue? 7th Street is in Allentown otherwise know as MacArthur Road unless you are dining at Palace Pizza in Hoky. Is Center Street on the way to mom and dads house on 4th? Maybe better keep the troublesome car in the driveway next time so the plows can get through.

    The Commissioners or Mayor do not control road cleaning. That is determined by public works director. That came directly from a public works employee.

    I think public works does a fine job. If that little white township car can navigate the streets after the plow comes through, I sure an audi can too.

    Now clean your sidewalks.

    • LOL I love the fact that you think I am one of Kyle Kern’s ex-players. Seriously, give me some credit. Most of the kids who played basketball for him at CCHS can hardly spell their name, I’m in my forties.

  3. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Lehigh St is covered with snow. 7th Street covered with snow.Mickley Rd is damn near impassable. Phillips Road…..just got plowed again

  4. Whitehall's Only Jew says:

    Center St is a mess. Are the Commissioners’ and mayor’s roads cleared?

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