CACK Is Not On The Klock. Neither Is Half Of The Board

The usual suspects on the Klock.

The usual suspects on the Klock.

Apologies for deleting a ton of comments from the last post but when the whole Klock saga began this week it seemed that half the people in town thought that CACK was responsible for sending the anonymous tip to Hunsberger and other board members. I would like to make this clear to everyone once and for all. CACK is NOT Citizens for Good Governance In Whitehall Township. I admit there are some similarities in the name, but that’s as far as it goes. Perhaps Citizens Against Commissioner Kern has inspired some other folks to rise up and challenge the way that the Board is governing the town. Hats off to whoever sent that letter to Hunsberger, though. It is beyond belief that the rest of the Board had no clue about Richard Klock’s past. Conviction or not, his application needs to be scrutinized further. At least that’s what half of the Board now thinks. Slonaker, Dennis Hower and Phil Ginder voted against Klock. Hats off to them as well.

This is not the first time CACK has been suspected of influencing the Board. Just like previous accusations, this one has no merit.

CACK will be following the Klock saga as it unfolds. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we’ll chat soon!


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8 Responses to CACK Is Not On The Klock. Neither Is Half Of The Board

  1. Greg Lawson says:

    Why is your board interviewing candidates for a place on the commission? Shouldn’t the voters decide who will sit and govern them?

  2. Sam Weiss says:

    Watch your back, Jim. Certain township officials are convinced CACK is the cause of the recent problems. I heard this from a relative who works at the township building. They’re trying to find out who you are and where you live. They want CACK shut down. You’re a threat

  3. April Santoli says:

    I would simply like to say that I think Citizens Against Commissioner Kern did the right thing in sending those letters…..oops. I meant Citizens For Good Governance In Whitehall Township 😉

  4. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    Klock is back.That white stuff on the floor in the township building ain’t snow!! LOL

  5. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    Palagonis is angry. He went out and bought Klock a ‘Welcome To The Board’ present: a cocaine grinder. Now he has to take it back.

  6. Phantom of Whitehall says:

    The citizens are rising up against the shoddy township government. This blog is one of the reasons why. Like it or not, people are inspired by CACK. They realize they aren’t alone.

  7. Grape Street Walker says:

    *Hands you a Bible* Did CACK send that info to Clair?

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