Back From Vacation. What’s Been Going On, Whitehall?

There’s nothing like a month long vacation to cleanse the soul and recuperate the body. I did my best to avoid my laptop, cell phone, tablet and every other modern day electronic convenience. Instead, I spent the last month playing golf and exploring coastal New England with my family. Now, I’m back in the redneck rust bucket we call the Lehigh Valley and couldn’t be sadder.

So, what has been going on during my absence, Whitehall? I see that there was a shooting in the Section 8 housing on Portland Drive. A pair of constables (wanna be Dog the Bounty Hunter types, I’m sure) were attempting to serve warrants for unpaid parking tickets on a man when he tried to back his car out of the garage and possibly escape. The armed constable fired and caught the fleeing man in the back. I don’t know the circumstances, or if the shooting has been justified, but the whole situation looks a bit convoluted. Constables are not exactly police officers. They’re a cross between a backwoods militia type and a bounty hunter. PA state constables have been involved in quite a bit of controversy recently. How this plays out will be very interesting.

Commissioner Phillip Armstrong is trying to set up a walk to celebrate Whitehall. The event is being planned for late September. I’m not sure what the objective is. How does a walk help us celebrate our town? For that matter, what is there to celebrate about Whitehall? Armstrong’s heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, his brain isn’t. The newest commissioner should reevaluate this idea and come up with something a bit more fun for families.

Musikfest has kicked off. The annual summer presentation of mediocre music and drunk, rowdy crowds is something I can do without. ZZ Top cancelled it’s show at the fest and I don’t blame them. If you want to see top flight music, go to Philly or NYC. Heck, even NJ has a better selection. The Valley’s music scene is not great, as Musikfest is showing once again.

Slobs of Musikfest. More corn dog....and more cowbell too, please.

Slobs of Musikfest. More corn dog….and more cowbell too, please.

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3 Responses to Back From Vacation. What’s Been Going On, Whitehall?

  1. Bronco Nagurski says:

    The crime rate in Whitehall is going to keep going higher. Allentown is a picked over carcass. The criminals are coming to Whitehall to terrorize. Hozzbollah doesn’t seem to care about his town.

  2. CCHS BBall #34 says:

    Whitehall has become a ghetto. Section 8 housing there? Allentown ran out of space to house all of the scumbags and killers I guess.

  3. Grape Street Walker says:

    Good to see you back, Jim. Went to Musicfest last night and it was nothing special.

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