No New Brewery For The Lehigh Valley


Drunks across the Valley are crying in their Old Milwaukee this morning over the news that Stone Brewing Co. will not be bringing its new brewery to the area. The company, based in California, has narrowed the choices for an east coast brewery to three cities. Allentown and Bethlehem were left off of the list. Understandably so, I believe. Although the Lehigh Valley is festooned with bars and populated in large part by beer drinking illiterates, Stone Brewing does not cater to this type of crowd. Its products are craft brewed ales and these products beckon to folks who are a tad bit more sophisticated in their beer selections. I mean seriously, can you see anyone in Whitehall drinking a genuine craft brew? Neither can I. Coors Light, Piels and other low grade brands make the cut in this area. Yuengling is as close to a craft brew as you’ll get in the Valley. 

Maybe Natural Light will come to the area sometime soon.

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3 Responses to No New Brewery For The Lehigh Valley

  1. HozzaDrinksSchlitz says:

    Coplay is a small borough overpopulated by alcoholics. You know how bad it is. Domestic violence is the biggest hobby there. Sangerbund does more business than all of the churches in town combined. Most of the citizens are on welfare, food stamps or public assistance of some sort. So I think you’re right. We do not need more breweries in the area.

  2. Binky Waldenheiser says:

    Better than another Yoccos.

  3. Anna Lexicone says:

    There are too many drunks in this area now. We do not need more breweries and bars.

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