Special To The Whitehall-Coplay Press: Cronyism



My wife is an independent journalist, and a damn good one if I might say so. She has a degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism and has been published in a number of prestigious journals and magazines. In the spring she thought it would be nice to be able to contribute something to a local newspaper. No, I’m not talking about the Morning Call. Nothing can save that sickly newspaper. She wanted to contribute to the Whitehall-Coplay Press. She was determined and went to the Press and made inquiries. At first they were thrilled that a journalist of her caliber would like to write an occasional column for their community. A few days later she met again with some people from the Press and the attitude was markedly different. They were very cold and informed my wife that she was “tremendously overqualified” to write for their tiny print. My wife shrugged her shoulders and moved on. I mean, she is tremendously overqualified, no doubt. Yet she is trying to make an effort to join the local community. Unlike her troublemaker husband. 😉 No harm, no foul, right? 

Until yesterday, no. Less that 24 hours ago, a reader and friend brought it to my attention that the wife of a local political figure…former political figure…..is not overqualified enough to contribute columns to the Whitehall-Coplay Press. The wife has been doing it for a while now. In reality she does not write columns. They’re more like short, choppy paragraphs. Check out the Stiles ‘Column’ and you will see what I mean. Not professional writing. Not even high school level writing. 

To be honest, this wife does not have much in the way of journalism experience. Like her husband, she graduated from a second rate state university with a degree in something inconsequential.  I don’t believe she was given the opportunity to write because of her skills, though. No, sir. In my opinion, she received the opportunity because of who her husband is….or, should I say was. Her husband was, at one time, a somebody. 

Her husband was a Whitehall basketball hero back in the 80s. 

Her husband was a basketball coach at a regional Catholic high school. A respected program that he nearly destroyed before resigning after knocking the ball out of an opposing player’s hands. 

Her husband was a Whitehall commissioner who served one term before mysteriously deciding not to run for re-election. His tenure in office was marked by questionable decisions and a large amount of criticism by his constituents. 

Her husband’s name is Kyle Kern and he’s apparently not above getting special treatment and privileges for his wife. 

Michelle Kern should be proud that her husband is willing to go the extra mile to make sure she can write columns about bake sales and such. 

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5 Responses to Special To The Whitehall-Coplay Press: Cronyism

  1. Grape Street Walker says:

    This situation represents all that’s wrong with Whitehall. Along with their bench.

  2. WCP Reader says:

    The paper should do an editorial about how washed up politicians keep taking away from the town. Hard working people deserve a shot to write articles not just big bird!

  3. Beautify The Rail Trail....Get Rid Of The Bench says:

    Man, those two really own Whitehall. A bench got him a seat and since then he’s been doing favors for his friends and family, even now that he’s off the board he still has influence. He’s got THE POWER…realty

  4. Brooklyn Transplant says:


  5. Whitehall Resistance says:

    This is how things work in Whitehall. You know that. Kern has a history here and many friends. Cronyism 101

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