Whitehall-Coplay Teachers Union IS LYING. Strike Vote Is Moving Forward For Thursday

The people who teach our children.....greedy liars who demand more money?

The people who teach our children…..greedy liars who demand more money?

It’s not often that I take the side of Whitehall’s leadership. In this case, I have to make an exception. Teachers unions have turned into a malignancy of sorts, not only in the Lehigh Valley, but across America. Constant demands for higher salaries in their contracts, threats to strike, vilifying those who stand against them make teachers unions and public employee unions in general seem more like mafia families than anything else.

The cancer has now come to Whitehall and Coplay. The Whitehall-Coplay Education Association  (WCEA for short) has come out and said publicly that a strike vote is not set for Thursday. The Whitehall-Coplay School District says otherwise. It claims to have received ‘reliable information’ suggesting that a strike vote will in fact take place tomorrow.

CACK can corroborate the district’s statement. We have heard from reliable sources (WCEA members) that a strike vote is in fact scheduled to happen on Thursday. The union, predictably, is trying to keep news of the vote from becoming public. Well, they tried. When news of it came out, WCEA President Joe Krempasky immediately denied that a vote is coming.

From what CACK has learned, Krempasky is the one who is lying. A vote was set. Whether or not it actually happens now that news of it has been made public is another story. Taxpayers and parents in Whitehall and Coplay have a stake in this. No one wants to see a teachers strike. On the other side of the coin, no taxpayers want to see the teachers union strong-arm their way to a new contract that will result in higher taxes for the residents of the school district.

Seems like the chickens are coming home to roost, and I don’t mean the ones over on Lehigh Street.

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3 Responses to Whitehall-Coplay Teachers Union IS LYING. Strike Vote Is Moving Forward For Thursday

  1. Zzzzzzzzziegenfussssssssssssssss says:

    Strike vote is moving ahead tonight. Hope the school board realizes the threat is not idle

  2. Alan Barrister says:

    Public Employee unions are a big threat. Teachers make too much money as it is and don’t get the results we demand. Our kids are falling behind, yet their teachers’ bank accounts continue to expand.

  3. Zephyr Mom says:

    I’m not surprised. The WCEA is known for it’s underhanded tactics and nefarious bullying. They don’t even care about the children they teach, they only want tenure and higher salaries.

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