Coming Soon- Lehigh Valley Trivia Quest

LV Trivia Logo WEB

The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce seems to think it is the next incarnation of Parker Brothers. For the second consecutive year it will be distributing a game based on life in the Lehigh Valley. Last year it was Lehigh Valley-opoly. This year the Chamber is taking a different path, introducing a game centered on trivia. Brace yourselves for Lehigh Valley Trivia Quest!

The Morning Call ran an article about the game yesterday that included the following line. “You live here, you should know this: the Lehigh Valley Trivia Quest.” Cute and somewhat true. However, if you live here and know it already, what is the point of buying the game? On the other side of the coin, if you don’t live here what is the incentive for buying the game at all? New Yorkers do not want to know little vignettes about the Valley. Neither do Minnesotans or Hawaiians.  Not that we have to worry about Hawaiians coming here since tourism is not a strong point in the Valley.

Either way, this game is destined to wind up on the trash heap of relevancy. Just like its predecessor Lehigh Valley-opoly. The entire reason behind the game is to act as a money making tool for the Chamber of Commerce. Nothing more, nothing less.

The idea of Lehigh Valley trivia has potential, though. It brings about the idea of a Whitehall Township Trivia Quest. Hmmmmm……interesting concept.

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