Whitehall Township Trivia Quest- Round 1

Well, I bought Lehigh Valley Trivia Quest and it has turned out to be a great drinking game. Now, with some free time on hand, I am beginning work on Whitehall Township Trivia Quest. Consider this a beta test of sorts. Round 1 is made up of a handful of fairly easy questions. They will become more difficult in future rounds. I’ll give the correct answers on Wednesday. 5 points for every answer that you get right. If you’d like, paste your answers into the comment section and see how you fare against your fellow Whitehallians. And if you want to suggest questions for future rounds, please do.

Whitehall Township Trivia Quest Round 1

1. What former Township Commissioner was a member of the 1982 Whitehall HS state champion boys basketball team?

2. What was the name of the pet pig that township residents united to protect and keep from being evicted from its owner’s property in 2011?

3. What is the name of the fund that Whitehall’s mayor ‘borrows’ money from for frivolous township purchases?

4. What local sports legend ran the Detroit Lions into the ground and then supported the Penn State coaching staff throughout the Sandusky Scandal?

5. How many Whitehall HS alums have played professional sports? How many have won Nobel Prizes?

6. What is the most dangerous intersection in town? 

7. How many food poisoning cases have there been at Golden Corral since it opened?

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4 Responses to Whitehall Township Trivia Quest- Round 1

  1. Dr. J. Bishop Di'Vino, IV says:

    LMAO! Awesome. That Golden Corral, I heard right after it opened back in February 2013 when I was waiting tables at City View, never eat from he chocolate fountain as there’s a load of dirty little kiddie fingers being stuck inside of it, touching it, picking their noses before and just disgusting lol.

    Also, I’ve read about that LaFarge Fund a couple years back for the first time, there was some sort of big thing about it. Anyway, I actually didn’t understand it but all I remember thinking was that for some reason, it sounds like this fund is “one of those secret stashes” that every politician, most of all every City Mayor, seems to have lol

  2. Lou says:

    Why cant you stay hidden? it was so nice when you weren’t writing on your trash blog.

  3. Zephyr Willy says:

    Kern, Porkus Maximus, LaFarge Fund, Matt Millen, over 50/0, Mechanicsville and MacArthur, a whole heck of a lot

  4. Grape Street Walker says:

    Kyle Kern


    LaGrande Fund

    Matt Millen


    145 and 22

    Can’t count that high

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