A Reporter Found Out So I Might As Well Admit This….I’m The Toys R Us Secret Santa


I didn’t want to reveal this simply because this was done gift and out of kindness. But a local reporter has learned that yours truly is the secret santa. So, to be preemptive I’m letting all of you know that it was yours truly who paid off the layaway accounts at Toys R Us. I reveal this on my own terms and since most of you who read this blog have no idea who I am in the first place, I can remain semi-anonymous.

What? Did you think Hozbollah was responsible for this gift?

Merry Christmas!

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19 Responses to A Reporter Found Out So I Might As Well Admit This….I’m The Toys R Us Secret Santa

  1. Whoever you are, I can’t believe that lady left such a repulsive comment. Maybe she was crying as she thought about all of the times her welfare-guided childhood never placed her in such a position as did this righteous act of kindness! God Bless!

  2. CompletelyConfused says:

    If it was truly you… I am really confused on how this could have been accomplished. I had a Christmas layaway at TRU and was told that it has to be paid off and picked up by Dec 11th???

    • I don’t understand what you mean. This was done after December 11th unfortunately. As far as the logistics are concerned, it was for all current layaway accounts. I think the store policy is to give 30 days to pay off your layaway, not until Christmas. Did you get your layaway?

      • CompletelyConfused says:

        I did get my layaway on the 9th because I was told that if I did not pay it off and pick it up by the 11th I would not be able to have it and I would not get my money back.

  3. Munchma Quchi says:

    Maybe for New Years you can replace all of the money that Hozza stole from the LaFarge Fund.

  4. Hozbollah's Rival says:

    Jaindal would have never done this. Don’t the turkeys still have him hostage or something? LOL

  5. Douglas Kirchner says:

    I wish I had $50k to do what you did. Your karma is so good right now

  6. Reverend Mark Lopez says:

    What you’ve done for the inner-city children of Allentown is provide a warm, memorable Christmas for them. May you and your family be blessed with good tidings.

  7. Sally Winters says:

    Your generocity and kindness are amazing! Thank you for your gift

  8. Maureen Smiley says:

    I don’t really understand this, Jim. You go to a TRU and pay off $50k worth of layaways?? How many middle class people leave layaways at Toys R Us, do you think? None. The only folks who shop there are welfare receiving minorities from the other side of 22. So along with the free healthcare and food stamps that they get, you’ve also given them a free Christmas. Nice job, asswipe. You’re a saint for the middle class.

  9. Lou says:


  10. Sarah Detweiler says:

    Stories like this restore my faith in humanity.We need to know that there are still good people left in the world. I do not know you, or have ever read your blog, but I wanted to say Thank You for what you did.

  11. Zephyr Willy says:

    Jaindal didn’t do this. He’s too busy putting up business parks and waiting for the Turkeys to come and get their revenge like they did to his dad.
    Excellent job, Jim! Whitehall is proud

  12. Zephyr Mom says:


  13. Grape Street Walker says:

    Well, Jim. Since you revealed yourself, I suppose I can reveal that I accompanied you to the store to help set this up. Thanks for allowing me to take part in this Christmas miracle.

  14. Lew Gruppo says:

    You’re full of crap! Dave Jaindal’s family donated that money. You are a poor man who lives on welfare

  15. A Grateful Mother says:

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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