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Today Is National POW/MIA Recognition Day

RESPECT, Ed Hozza. Something you do not have for the men and women who have been POWs or are still listed as MIA Advertisements

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White House Petition To Reprimand Ed Hozza For His Actions In May, 20015 The petition is up  at the White House site. I ask all citizens and veterans to sign it and send a message to Ed Hozza that his antics in May have not been forgotten or forgiven!

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Syrians Or US Veterans: Hozzbollah Has Made His Choice Clear

Ed ‘Hozzbollah’ Hozza hates everything American. He has chosen to promote and highlight a group of voters over the plight of missing US servicemen. The man has no regard for this country or the men and women who have served it. … Continue reading

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Ed Hozza Is Not A Man Who Loves America.

I am alive and well. After spending some time out of the area I come back to see what that horrible, anti-American mayor has done to Whitehall. How he won his primary campaign is beyond me. Why nobody is challenging … Continue reading

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