Ed Hozza Is Not A Man Who Loves America.


I am alive and well. After spending some time out of the area I come back to see what that horrible, anti-American mayor has done to Whitehall. How he won his primary campaign is beyond me. Why nobody is challenging him perplexes my mind.

Ed Hozza is a man who does not love or appreciate his country. He is an opportunistic piece of garbage who chose to fly the Syrian flag in place of the POW-MIA flag. Considering what is happening in Syria now, Hozzbollah, as we call him, has revealed his true colors. Like most Democrats, he is all about getting the votes and will do whatever it takes to secure them. In this case, it was flying a Syrian flag over township offices.

Between now and Election Day, CACK plans to berate Hozzbollah and let folks know what a dirty, anti-American piece of dirt they actually have for a mayor. Our mission is simple. Our cause is just and our opponent is a mayor who has contempt for things that most Americans do hold sacred.

This blog is re-opened!

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4 Responses to Ed Hozza Is Not A Man Who Loves America.

  1. Dr. J. Bishop Di'Vino, IV says:

    Unbelievable. Are they seriously waving a Syrian flag at the Municipal building?! I’m very angered and frustrated about this new recycling program, have you heard? Enforcing everyone to recycle by placing a container on your property, owned by WH Township even if you move, it stays there, it is also encased with an RFID microchip as it will be “monitored” for its movements to see if one had been recycling. If not, supposedly these people are allowed to look through your trash, to see and sift out the recyclables then FINE you!

    Across the US since 2009-10 give or take a month of a year, based on articles and research, they have random states doing these programs RFID bins. I read of one in the Great Lakes region, as a rewards program connected to a RecycleWorks online site where your recycling bin is weighed each week and based on weight you receive points and in turn could receive and purchase gift cards and so on local restaurants, etc. with those points. It’s also been said, if you didn’t recycle, you didn’t get rewards. Simple, non-intrusive, etc. But other states like Ohio I believe, there was an enforced program liked here. What is the point? How has nobody been told of this beforehand? Nowhere on their recycling program or trash pages on the Township website portal, nowhere online through Google or even in the news. Nothing. You know where it was? In the Fall 2015 Newsletter and it begins October.

    They will drop off a 65-gal bin to each residence, we’re not to drag it or pull it, it has wheels. We have to do wheel it down, it will be monitored through the RFID, if not, we will be fined and private trash can and will be sifted through. Am I the only one who knows this or seems to care? I FB posted it, nothing. I went down to Palace Pizza to tell a friend who owns the place nothing, never heard of it. This is very strange and many people think I make a mountain out of a small situation, but this is how it all begins. How is it right at all to force people to accept these things? Next thing you know, there Community Sharing group or whatever will be in our homes taking an itinerary of all our food, supplies, prescriptions, guns and protective gear, water, clothing, etc. “In case of disaster, we all will come together and share as a community”. Sorry, I’m not a jerk and I’ve given so much to others, at this moment I’m over broke and unemployed unfortunately. But this city is not taking my supplies, I am not sharing with this horribly run city.

    It’s dead. Mass Transportation is nonexistent. The streets are dead, no sort of life anywhere. No jobs. I’m sorry for writing so much but I’m really angry and from a family who’s been in politics since the the 70s and before when my Great Uncle was Mayor of Orange, in NJ, I just can’t stand it here anymore. I love it, but it’s beginning to become a nightmare to live here and I want to do so much but I’m only one person, considered an outsider even though I’ve lived in Whitehall since I was 12, more or less, leaving at 18, then again at 22, and then finally came back for good Feb 2011. What do you know or this RFID recycling program? Your thoughts? How is new Commissioner Armstrong doing? Did he win? He was my former HS teacher. Did he even win? I find it so hard to follow local politics here. Thanks. Love your posts. Great place to vent & to hear someone speak up against the negative, corrupt powers that be working in this township!

  2. Zephyr Mom says:

    Jim, if you decide to start a protest to ban Hozza count me in!

  3. Len Scleeman says:

    The mayor is an embarassment. He shamed Whitehall and veterans. I wish someone would start a petition to remove him from office.

  4. Grape Street Walker says:

    Welcome back! Hozza has been running roughshod over the township AND the US FLAG! I wish you had been here back in the spring but it’s damn good to see you now!

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