Syrians Or US Veterans: Hozzbollah Has Made His Choice Clear


Ed ‘Hozzbollah’ Hozza hates everything American. He has chosen to promote and highlight a group of voters over the plight of missing US servicemen. The man has no regard for this country or the men and women who have served it. Of course, Hozzbollah himself never wore a uniform. He would not know the first thing about serving his country. Serving Syrian immigrants, however, is another matter entirely.

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7 Responses to Syrians Or US Veterans: Hozzbollah Has Made His Choice Clear

  1. Amanda Walcyzk says:

    Hozza has shamed himself and the town with his pro-Syrian stance. He should be embarrassed with his behavior and the way he dishonored US veterans.

  2. Lou says:

    Here we go with the troublemaking again, you jerk. First kern and now Hozza. So what if he doesn’t put up your precious POW flag? Vietnam is over. He can keep the Russian flag up there if he wants. I don’t care. You just don’t like him because he’s the mayor and you’re not!

  3. Brooklyn Transplant says:

    LOL The Lehigh Valley has an insurgent for a mayor now. Buahahahah!

  4. Zephyr Mom says:

    It galls me that this sonofabitch is going to get another term in office because no one has the nerve to run against him. He is worse than Obama. A useless drone

  5. Hozza Supporter says:

    Ed Hozza has done so much for Whitehall. So what if he took down the POW-MIA flag? Nobody cares about that old war anyway. There never were US servicemen left in Vietnam. Stop crying about the past and move forward into the future he is building for us, you reactionary gumps

  6. Grape Street Walker says:

    The town is being overrun with immigrants. Hozza is attaching his cart to them. They’ll keep voting him in and he will keep favoring them. Syrians, Mexicans, and all of the trash from Allentown. Whitehall is becoming a cesspool

  7. LV Rabbi says:

    I often wonder what Hozza’s feelings are towards Israel and Jews.

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