White House Petition To Reprimand Ed Hozza For His Actions In May, 20015



The petition is up  at the White House site. I ask all citizens and veterans to sign it and send a message to Ed Hozza that his antics in May have not been forgotten or forgiven!

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5 Responses to White House Petition To Reprimand Ed Hozza For His Actions In May, 20015

  1. US Vet says:

    What a sickening man you have as your mayor.

  2. Whitehall PO says:

    Be careful, Jim. To sign the petition you have to type in an email address. Hozza will try to retaliate against whoever signs the sheet.

  3. Mark Stepnowski says:


  4. T. says:

    Hello again! Proud AMERICAN Citizen, Proud Whitehallian, Proud Zephyr Class of 2002, and one who is proud of countless men and women in my family, most recently my Cousin Jason in NJ who served two tours, both in Iraq and Afghanistan for a combined total of 23 months — not counting all of the post-war Hell he’s been experiencing with PTS, VA issues, etc.

    As a Native New Jerseyan, I’ve found Whitehall Township to be such an amazing place to not only live in but raise your children in as well with an extremely well-versed academic system that if I am correct was 13+ level at time of graduation from WHS (Circa 1998-02). Potholes in Stiles Borough were here one day, then filled the next! Since living in Hokey I’ve had the beautiful privilege of my home being surrounded by both the Coplay Creek and the Lehigh River by Darktown; I love it!

    Newark and The Oranges in Essex County, NJ, will forever be my birthplace and my home, but it is Whitehall aka The W, where I’ll rest my head for years to come and as my family involved all of the time they had to the political process, I hope to do the same, in various aspects because as of late, thankfully finding your blog as well, I’ve been so deeply informed in an unfortunate manner of very trying decisions, ordinances, and actions displayed by our leaders! I cannot believe I placed in my vote for Hozza when all this was occurring, based solely on that lovely newsletter we get each and every season!

    I regret it now, for as an American, a family member of a multitude of servicemen and women who risked their lives and their sanity to protect this country, our flag (as you know, flags are not just for decorations but for pride, representation, etc.) I cannot believe with all that is currently happening in Syria and the Mideast in general most importantly since mid-2011, that anyone, especially of an office where one is elected into, by and for the people, gaining honor and respect, in this case, the Mayor, that he would replace the POW MIA flag with the Syrian flag!

    I understand nothing of the gesture, regardless of the large Syrian residential and commercial pop in Whitehall,who for the most part are actually against the current state of things, but why not just raise it below the other two and temporarily, and/or why wasn’t there a vote on this? How does this process work here because all I see is that things just happen without residents notified at all, such as in the case of these new recycling bins and program, the RFID microchip, having no other type of explanation for the new program, not on their municipal website, not in the news, nowhere! So. I guess like the Obama-nation (Abomination) we’re experiencing countrywide, Hozzbollah is doing just the same, in his own way, by his own principles and beliefs, without care doe the legislative or political process of, I don’t know, maybe telling people things?

    The communication is ridiculous here. In Jersey, under the Sunshine Law Act I known that having a municipal government, Mayor-Council situation and power structure is completely different when compare to Whitehall, with a Mayor, Commissioners, and the WCSD which I’ve just discovered has actually the power and ability to pass ordinances and such? I guess it’s just something I’ll have to get used to, having no way or say in any matter. They might as well place the ISIS insignia on the WPD uniform patch and vehicles, as well as, hang THAT flag in place of the American flag still up, since their goal is for a global caliphate!

    Even more, in conclusion, hundreds of Americans and thousands across the globe, who’ve joined up with ISIS, or are showing public interest in the matter, are being questioned, interrogated, and investigated by the FBI, so, my question is: Where does the line end? How far does it extend, as in, the possibility of local political systems adopting or applauding or even worse, representing the Mideast by raising their flags, etc.? Clearly Mayor Hozza has explaining to do as to why he felt it necessary and his duty to not warn anyone and raise this flag, in place of a truly, AMERICAN flag which honors ALL those who’ve lost their lives, came home mentally ill and unstable,unable to be as they were before enlisting, ALL so that we in our lovely clean streets, void of any potholes, can live in peace, keep our children safe, and given them a great education!

    But now, it seems the Mayor has spoken for himself and has made it appear as he’s spoken for us all! Not true. If I walked the streets of Whitehall and took a survey of Hozza’s Syrian connections and flag raising, if they were notified, were able to speak on it, share concerns, voice themselves, or vote on it, the numbers would be almost unanimous in disagreement and indifference! Raising that flag in a city I live in, when a city is supposed to serve the people, represent us, it’s s threat to my private life and beliefs since now it’s as if we’re ALL supporters with the Mayor! I for one am no damn supporter of Assad, of Syrian Rebels, of the Civil War, of ISIS, or Hezzbollah, etc. I’m just a resident, proud to live in Whitehall, proud to be an American and this, it doesn’t sit well with me at all.

    I signed the White House petition asking to force resign Hozza from office. As well as, to add into his recompense an apology and an explanation as to why he replaced the flags. – T.

  5. Grape Street Walker says:


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