Does Whitehall Or Coplay Even Celebrate Independence Day?


We live in politically correct times with a politically correct shill of a mayor in Whitehall. A man who places the desires of Syrians before Americans, steals funds from the township coffers, and treats most Whitehallians as if they were second class citizens. So it should come as no surprise that, as our Independence Day comes closer, there are no township events or festivities to celebrate it. Even next door in Coplay, once home to a magnificent 4th of July fireworks extravaganza, there is nothing on the calendar. Only Catty has events and festivities planned. I guess Catty is the only borough around that still loves America.

I know most of the Whitehall Commissioners do not love America. All they love is $$$.

I know Ed Hozza doesn’t love this country. His love is power.

I know I’ve come down hard on Kyle Kern in the past but at least he loved America and showed it.



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3 Responses to Does Whitehall Or Coplay Even Celebrate Independence Day?

  1. Hozza Hates America says:

    Hozza is like a number of mayors across the land. He is trying to minimize patriotic displays and the American flag as much as possible. Very sad.

  2. Diana Wallace says:

    Whitehall does enough. Memorial Day fireworks and celebrations all year round you racist fuck!

  3. John Lohmiller says:

    Good observation. It’s the 4th of July and our township has decided not to celebrate in any form. That is simply pathetic and unconscionable.

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