Apologies To My Readers

Because of the massive response I received to my posting yesterday, including comments, emails and requests from regional media outlets for clarification of my post, I have decided not to post the comments related to yesterday’s story.  While the majority were supportive, some were not. In fact, a slim minority of the comments were downright hateful.

Tomorrow I will speak in depth about the mailer situation and clarify my role in it for the benefit of this blog’s readers.

To the Morning Call I simply say this: Please have your journalists…and I use the term quite loosely….attempt to contact me. I will be in touch in the near future




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9 Responses to Apologies To My Readers

  1. Zane Whyte says:

    What sort of school has a CEO anyway?

  2. Grape Street Walker says:

    Jim, this is the best trolling you’ve ever done LMAO

  3. Jamie stover says:

    I’d like to talk to you. Give me a ring at 610 791 1111

  4. Jed143 says:

    Your an asshole

  5. Lou says:

    Working with dishonest Abe now, or was this your own venture? You kook!

  6. Slim Walker says:

    Charter schools are bad news. I don’t know why you would support them.

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