Dear Innovative Arts Academy Charter School…..




Jim Hancock

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12 Responses to Dear Innovative Arts Academy Charter School…..

  1. Keeper says:

    That’s awsome. Good job. Nice move.

  2. Jess says:

    You asshole. You got someone forced to resign. Lori is a wonderful leader and has done everything to the books and has cleaned up this disgusting charter school. If you did this in good taste, you should have cleared it with the school prior. Otherwise, this is not a joke.

    • This is no joke at all. People should be aware of the terrible condition of other schools in the area. If you think the CEO of this school was unaware of what was happening, you’re on drugs.

      • Tidusx145 says:

        What was happening, some hack activist ruined her job for his own political agenda? you know why you’re backpedaling, enjoy civil court asshole.

        • Civil court for what? LOL There was no defamation. No slander. Simply a rehashing of the truth and offering parents an alternative to the ghetto that Bethlehem is becoming. Maybe I didn’t send them. Maybe I’m just trolling you. Or maybe I’m not.

          • Tidusx145 says:

            You do understand that if you did send them, you just admitted to it on a freaking news site. Forget slander, that’s mail fraud, a federal offense. Those weren’t yours legally to send. I’ll say this, guilty or not, expect some interesting phone calls soon.

            On another note, if you are in fact trolling, why do you want the Morning Call to contact you? You’re either guilty or a liar looking for attention.

  3. Catty Teacher says:

    I f***ing KNEW IT WAS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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