Loraine Petrillo Is A Meme Already


I didn’t do it but whoever did is one funny person! LOL

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20 Responses to Loraine Petrillo Is A Meme Already

  1. Bronco Nagurski says:

    She’s a wildebeast!

  2. Grape Street Walker says:

    She’s so fat she blocks the wifi signal

    • Jsr21 says:

      Really? You go after a woman’s weight this is exactly what is wrong with the world you rather crucify her for being heavy then crucify the person who just ruined a good woman’s career who has put so much into this school and her career. Screw all of you and especially this Jim character do you get off by ruin people’s lives? And being a completely moron and not having the facts. Look at her linken profile she has been not only a principal but a guidance counselor, assistant principal, director of special Ed… So the only moron here is you yourself Jim.

  3. Geoff Wiley says:

    Wow, she’s so fat if she sat on the school it would lower tuition

    • Tidusx145 says:

      “Jim”, yet again I must remind you that there is no tuition in public charter schools.

      Look to everyone reading these, please check the most recent posts and when they were posted. Pretty easy to see that the person running this site uses multiple profile names to post. You only need to make up a username and an email address to post as different people. I say this because I’m assuming some folks who got linked here will be curious. This seems to be the guy that actually sent the mailers. his post that has a picture of the mailer also has multiple other mailers under it if you look closely. The man who has multiple mailers is probably the man who’s sending them. I’m hoping the police and school lawyer is looking at this stuff, it’s pretty damning

  4. Yocco's King says:

    She’s a fucking horse of a woman, ain’t she? LMAO

  5. Bcsproud says:

    This is disgusting she knew nothing and tried hard to fix a huge problem. How dare all you trolls for doing this and making her a scapegoat when there is a bigger issue here.

    • She is not even a real principal or educator. Seems like she is more a part of the problem rather than the solution

      • Tidusx145 says:

        Except that she is an actual educator with experience as a guidance counselor, elementary teacher, and an assistant principal among other positions in education. This woman has over 26 years in the field you moron. You did no research before you pulled this stunt and ruined her life did you? If you have no remorse for your supposed actions, you may have some issues and need help. This crossed heavily into illegal territory posing as a school and sending letters under their name and address. Have fun with mail fraud!

        • No one posed as a school or sennt letters under their name. My Lord, your knowledge of the US legal system is abysmally poor

          • Tidusx145 says:

            You kind of did when you put their mailing address on there? What’s the line between satire and representation? I think you crossed it by putting their contact information.

        • Hozbollah says:

          Jim’s past efforts caused an incompetent Whitehall commissioner to not seek re-election, so this heifer is no big deal. Jim stops corruption

          • Tidusx145 says:

            Lol, this is “Jim Hancock I’m talking to still right?” Like all of the comments about how she’s fat are from you and you alone as well right? Considering all you need to post on here is a username and email.

            See you can try to change the subject or deny involvement or criminal action but you did two things wrong. for one, you admitted involvement on a public newspaper site. and two, the picture from your post showing the mailer also clearly shows several others under it, giving more evidence that you sent these mailers.

            Personally, I think you did send these mailers thinking that there would be no legal recourse. I definitely think you didn’t expect someone to lose their job from it. And yet, instead of apologizing, saying that people misunderstood your message, you double down and post a meme about the women who you forced to resign. So even if you don’t get charged with mail fraud, you cost this woman her job and she will probably seek civil charges. And she will win. This isn’t a joke anymore, what you did was morally reprehensible.

            P.S. If you think that a woman losing her job and possibly ending her career so you can further your political agenda “is no big deal”, then my friend, you need to know public opinion won’t be on your side with this. The morning call replied to you by the way, are you talking to them or did your lawyer tell you to zip up?

            • LOL This is Jim. I do not post under any aliases on my blog. Anyone can sue anyone in the US. That is the beauty of this country. So, if Loraine Petrillo feels the need to sue me, she can. I’m betting that I have the better attorney.

      • Jess says:

        Actually, you’re seriously wrong. Go do your research and look into some public records. You just ruined a woman’s 26 year career, if this in fact was due to you. She is well educated and trained properly. This woman has worked in various positions across the tri-state area such as a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant principal, and executive assistant. If you knew how hard this woman worked over the past 6 months to build this school back up from the bottom, you’d think differently. If you wanted to overthrow a leadership position, you missed your opportunity to do so with the previous corrupt CEO of Medical Academy.

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