Charter School Update: Petrillo Quits Over $100k Loan

This is not the update I wanted to post today but since LehighValleyLive has broken the story, I’ll follow up on it. The plot thickens with regards to the Innovative Arts scandal. Loriane Petrillo resigned Thursday morning effective immediately. The previous arrangement had been for her to finish out the month of August. Then it became widely known this morning that Petrillo had accepted a $100,000 loan for the charter school from developer Abe Atiyeh, who is also the owner of the ramshackle building that the Innovative Arts Academy is housed in. The bottom line is that there is a lot more to this story beyond a mailer going out. I call it a scandal now because that is what it is rapidly becoming.

I will post more today and update the morning’s news with some facts.


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7 Responses to Charter School Update: Petrillo Quits Over $100k Loan

  1. Patrick says:

    “Tomorrow I will speak in depth about the mailer situation and clarify my role in it for the benefit of this blog’s readers.”
    We’re on day 3 now. Can we assume your a troll?

    • As I said yesterday, events are moving rapidly now. Loraine’s revelation of the true reason behind her resignation has touched off a wave of events behind the scenes. I will provide more information when the time is right.

      • What a joke says:

        Prove it. This is either someone way to close to the scandal to be posting this information to the public, or you’re a liar. I’m not alone in thinking you’re a troll. Prove it. Prove it. Stop threatening people’s jobs and prove it.

  2. Chris Carson says:

    Corruption is an epidemic in the Valley. Woudnt be shocked to find out Hozza is involved in this too.

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