Surrounded By Retards


I was beginning to think that Loraine Petrillo was the biggest retard in the Valley for clandestinely starting up this mailing campaign and then falling upon her sword like a samurai warrior with down syndrome. She was certainly in the running for biggest LV Retard of 2016. Or she was until one of her panty-sniffer supporters decided to confront me on my own blog.

The retard in question has not made it clear if it is a male, female or some ungodly liberal creation of something in-between. So for now I will consider it to be androgynous. I don’t have a formal name either. It goes by the handle Tidusx145, which I believe is drug code for ‘I’ll suck your d**k off of 145 somewhere for a bag of crack.’ Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Tidusx…or Crack as I’ll call it from here on in….has a serious problem with yours truly.

First Crack was up in arms because I was the ‘mailer.’ Then Crack was up in arms because I apparently wasn’t the mailer but was trolling the Morning Call. It’s next position was that I had ruined Loraine Petrillo’s stellar 26 year career as an educator. Newsflash: I had nothing to do with Retard #1 (Petrillo) ruining her career. That was all her own doing. When the truth comes out that will be apparent. Newsflash #2: Petrillo was not a stellar educator. If she were a star in her field, why was she the CEO of a fledgling charter school? I’d say if your children’s school has a CEO instead of a principal, you’re getting scammed. Had Petrillo not padded her resume with questionable qualifications perhaps she would be an administrator at a school in a reputable school district. Alas, she is not.

I don’t know what the connection between Petrillo and Crack is, aside from the fact that they’re both retards. Crack is most likely a liberal wanna-be SJW trying to pick a fight with me because I do not believe her unattractive, fellow retard Petrillo was a poor, helpless victim of this scandal.

The fact of the matter is that she is the victim or collateral damage. I know this for a fact. So does the Morning Call. It will come out in time.

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9 Responses to Surrounded By Retards

  1. John Smith says:

    So how so you now feel about the possibility that your actions may have gotten a school shut down? Seriously, I’m still giving you the benefit of a doubt as a troll, but I’m sure your lawyer explained to you that putting the mailing address on the mailers made you an unauthorized representative of the school. So you’re right, you might not have committed mail fraud. You sure as shit are guilty of defamation if you sent them. Have fun in civil court. When its found out that you have no connection with the school,

  2. John Smith says:

    In one sentence you place her culpable, in the next you call her the “victim of collateral damage”. Pick one. Kind of defeats the point of your entire defense.
    I’d also love some of this evidence of Patrillo’s supposed clandestine operation. The world is waiting for the update you promised and like I said, either you cost someone her job or you’re an attention seeking liar. No matter what, the mailers you sent were repugnant. Political change does not require lies and fearmongering to accomplish your goals. So again, either you are a troll (and not too shabby) or your only political contribution to this scandal was costing this woman her job. Also calling the ex director of a special ed department “the loonie running the asylum” is all most people have to hear from you to make up their mind.

    Hey look I can use different usernames too.

    • I understand what you are saying and unfortunately I was delayed from posting the promised update today. That will be rectified tomorrow and then you, and everyone else can judge for yourselves. BTW, John Smith….good username. Basic, but with a historic twinge.

  3. Abe Vigoda Jr says:

    Loraine Petrillo for Congress 2016 “Mailer? What mailer?”

  4. Jess says:

    Lol you are trying to find support for yourself and knock down the ideology of school by referring to people as ‘retards’? And God forbid someone comes to another human’s defenwe that they might ACTUALLY know?

    Regardless of what you think you have or haven’t done for whatever community you think you represent, what proof do you have that this woman was a poor educator? What proof do you have that she wasn’t working hard to build this school? What proof do you have that she sent out that ad?

    When you can provide proof, maybe more people would be inclined to side with your biased and uncanny blog posts.

  5. Yule Jenner says:

    Watch out, Jim. The liberal mafia is about to come after you because you disagree with their take on things.

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