Charter School Update: Innovative Arts Academy Will NOT Open On Schedule


Well, this hardly comes as a surprise. According to sources close to the colossal SNAFU that is the Innovative Arts Academy, the school will not be opening on September 6th as has been promised. The storm of events surrounding the mailing of a school advertisement continues to create fallout for the fledgling charter school, which has reportedly seen a large number of parents removing their children in the last week. Allegedly, the appointment of Steve Gabryluk as interim CEO has resulted in criticism from parents and board members from surrounding school  districts. Gabryluk’s inexperience and failures at his former positions are being brought under the microscope. In all fairness, Innovative Arts Academy had to move fast.There was little time to do a proper search for a CEO. Gabryluk was intended to be interim, meaning he would fill in the blank spot until someone more suited can be hired.

Unfortunately, with the school under the microscope, many people affiliated with Innovative Arts are not buying this and do not want Gabryluk hired. Especially after it was revealed that former CEO Loraine Petrillo accepted a $100,000 loan from the building’s landlord, a developer with a shady history here in the Valley. Petrillo’s resignation is not halting calls for an expanded investigation of her and her actions. The focus is moving away from the mailer and is centering on Petrillo and her unethical actions.

This scandal is like an onion and it seems there are still many layers left to peel off before the truth is revealed.

In any case, Innovative Arts Academy will NOT open as promised.

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24 Responses to Charter School Update: Innovative Arts Academy Will NOT Open On Schedule

  1. MCall Is A Liberal Rag says:

    I cant stop laughing. Oh Jim! You sent the liberals crazy with this one. ha ha ha ha

  2. Patrick says:

    So almost a week and you haven’t given a single bit of information in regards to your apparent role in the sending out the mailers because “things are moving quickly.” Now you’ve come on and made the assertion that the school won’t open to give yourself credibility when anyone with two synapses firing can draw that conclusion and if it turns out you’re wrong, well everyone will forget by that time because you’ll have moved on to another lie.
    To your credit – you brought people over to this inane blog and on that count I must say well done.

    • When Innovative does not open on time and winds up closing down permanently, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Patrick says:

      I don’t think it will open either – it’s an incredibly safe bet that it won’t. I say that as someone who is far removed from the situation. You are claiming inside knowledge but all you do is rehash publically available stories or try to make yourself look like an insider by announcing something that’s self-evident to everyone with two synapses firing.

      ONCE AGAIN: What was your role in the mailers? You announced that you would explain it over a week ago. Nothing has come out apparently because “the story is moving rapidly.” You are a troll – but the game is on. I will have fun exposing you.

  3. Brooklyn Transplants says:

    Charter schools are nothing but scams. They provide children with an inferior education and taxpayers have to pay the bill. I do not want to be forced to pay for some hispanic kid from Allentown to come to Catty and learn how to make enchiladas.

  4. Tidusx145 says:

    Is this Abe atiyahs account? How could you possibly know this before anyone has reported it yet? It’s not in any newspapers and the staff hasn’t been informed yet. I have no clue how you would have this information.

  5. Bronco Nagurski says:

    The school was a bad idea from the start. That is probably why they could only get below average teachers and administrators to come in. Gabryluk might not last as the interim. He’s as dumb as whale shit.

    • John Smith says:

      You talk a big game for someone with no affiliation to the school. I personally know two of the teachers and this comment is laughable. I’m sure you’re writing this because you couldn’t get hired.

      • The only people who teach at charter schools are second rate educators like Loraine Petrillo. And no, I am not a teacher. I have a real job

        • Jess says:

          Individuals working at charter schools apply the same way they do for public or private schools, that is mandated for all institutions providing education in PA. The requirements are a standard PA application, 4 updated yearly clearances, an essay, cover letter, proof of teaching certification, transcripts from the university attended, and 3 letters of reference within the last year.

          I don’t understand how you think you understand the logistics of education in this area. First of all, public schools are nearly impossible to get a job in unless you have direct connections to someone who works there and has tenure within that institution. They even teach us at college that PA teaches teachers but is not incumbent to hiring them, which is why teachers are educated well in PA and typically move south or west where jobs are needed.

          The remaining others who choose to not move or simply cannot, do everything they can, wherever they can, i.e., charter schools open their doors to many teachers with or without experience which renders two things: those educators with experiences and new teachers just completing college with fresh ideas and common core procedures for curriculum.

          If you read some statistics once in awhile, or actually had education and experience in the area, you’d be more inclined to defend those working in the charter schools across the state, and even the country. This is due to budget cuts. The real problem here is, the country is cutting back on education, not hiring new teachers when others retire (to save money), and the students are getting screwed. Then, teachers have classes filled with 30 students instead of 20, and these students get less one-on-one time and less clarity. If you want to blame teachers for that, you’re wrong.

          All in all, the issue isn’t charter schools, it’s the education system overall. Teachers are teachers. You simply cannot just be hired without the requirements I listed above. Therefore, working in a charter or public or private school does not dictate what kind of teacher one is.

          And not to mention, if the teacher(s) isn’t getting support from their administration, it then looks poorly upon them, which is what actually happens behind certain charter school doors.

        • Michele A. says:

          Mr. Reinhart, shame on you for categorizing teachers in this manner. What they do is real, just as real as your job and mine.

        • Blowmejimhancock says:

          Or teachers who just graduated college and can’t get into public schools without experience. Do you even know how hard it is to get a good teaching job in NEPA right now? You are so out of touch, I’m sure this is a troll now. Stop posting, it’s all bullshit. People reading this, he’s a troll with no evidence or motive besides the small amount of activity his blog has recently received. Nothing to see here.

  6. We Support Loraine says:

    Why are you making Loraine out to be the villain in this? It’s apparent that she was played and had no clue what was really going on. What was your role in it? You claimed to have been a player in the game so come clean and tell us.

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