Innovative Arts Future Looking Bleak


The future looks bleak for Innovative Arts Academy. Questions continue to be raised about whether or not the Catasaqua charter school will open on schedule. Even the Morning Call is wondering if the Sept.6 opening date can be met. Now questions are being raised by parents and residents about whether or not the school will even open. Or if it does, will it remain open through the entire school year. Tonight the charter school’s board of directors (many of whom also sat on the Medical Academy’s board) will meet tonight at 6 PM. It is unclear whether or not the meeting is open to the public, but yours truly will be there in case it is.

Hopefully tonight will answer some questions about the future of the school. It’s obvious that Board President Kelly Bauer…who has displayed gross incompetence already… going to be on the hot seat. Rumors are circulating that a number of parents have decided not to send their children to this school and enrollment numbers have allegedly dropped below 270. Another matter is the preparations underway for the Sept.6 opening. I drove by the school a few times in the last few days and have seen no signs of preparation. No delivery vehicles, few cars in the parking lot, uncut front lawn, etc. The school is being housed in a very questionable building and it shows no signs of being cleaned or repaired.

I posted the other day that sources close to the school have informed me that the Sept.6 opening date will not be met. From what I’ve seen, that appears to be true. There are no signs that the school will open next Tuesday and from what has been going on, the Board of Directors can only hope their excuse of a school will open at all.


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11 Responses to Innovative Arts Future Looking Bleak

  1. Vladimir Dzhovikov says:

    This school is going to ruin a nice town. The children who attend school here will be poor, violent cretins from Allentown and other less-then-desirable locations in the area. I hope it does not open but if it does, Catty will become a ghetto.

  2. Funny how the actual student enrollment is nearer 350, but you wouldn’t know that with your sources such as “driving by the school”. what a joke, this guy is a big phony.

    • Enrollment has dropped to 270. This is one of the reasons why the board and faculty at IAA is scrambling to right the ship. But the ship already hit an iceberg named Loraine Petrillo and is sinking lol

  3. RamKing says:

    Why are you obsessed with this? Can you just continue to obsess over Colin K’s stunt?

    There is still over 300 students enrolled. Teachers are training and trying to work past this issue. The entire board from Medical is gone.

    Just let it be. Obsess over something else! This is old.

  4. Grape Street Walker says:

    What a disaster. A fly-by-night school manned by second-string educators and overseen by a board that has ZERO education experience. Catty will be better off when this school goes down the tubes.

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