Innovative Arts Academy Opening Delayed 1 Week….For Now


I told you so! LOL I’ve been telling you this for days now. But what do I know? According to some readers here, I’m just a ‘troll.’

If the school opens at all I will be shocked. My sources…the same ones who said the opening would be delayed….have said there is serious doubt that the school can move forward at all now

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6 Responses to Innovative Arts Academy Opening Delayed 1 Week….For Now

  1. Adam White says:

    So what’s going to happen when the school closes and all schools in the area become crowded trying to help these 300+ kids? I really believe you think you did some good but I only see lost jobs and crowded schools. Should I be clapping or trying to identify you so my children aren’t inundated with classmates? Or did you only think up to the mailer part? Because you still have the post up!on here claiming responsibility for the mailers. I hope the truth comes out so we can put this silly chapter to rest.

    Ps. The photo from your last post was hilarious, but you clearly don’t take this seriously. Charter schools are overwhelmingly supported by conservatives buddy.

    • Charter schools may be supported and in some cases they have done well. In the case of Innovative, so far things have not been in its favor. Now the latest issue is staffing. A lot of the teachers and faculty who were hired have jumped ship because of the bad publicity. That has to be addressed quickly.

  2. Patrick says:

    You are doing a good job with exposing this school for what it truly is. I have been wondering if your wife is helping you out. I know that she is an accomplished journalist.

  3. Whitehall High Teacher says:

    CACK 1 MCall 0

  4. Amy Moyer says:

    Give credit where credit is due. You’ve been in the loop since all of this started, Jim. Excellent work!

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