Now Hiring! No Experience Necessary. Immediate Start. Apply Now!


So  it turns out that the mailing/unethical monetary loan scandal plaguing Innovative Arts Academy is taking its toll on the school’s faculty. The negative publicity that the school is just bathing in right now has led to a number of faculty members to leave. At the board of trustees meeting last night it came to light that incomplete renovations and a shortfall in staffing are two main reasons for the school’s opening date being delayed.

Steve Gabryluk said that the bad publicity has damaged staffing numbers. True. What he did not say is how badly.  My sources have told me a large portion of the staff departures have come in the past two weeks and it is unclear if they can be made up in time. What Gabryluk did not mention is that enrollment has also dropped since this scandal took on a life of its own. 350 students were estimated to be enrolled by the first day of classes. A few weeks ago Innovative Arts was on its way to reaching that goal easily. Since then, the number of enrolled students has allegedly dropped to 270 and might even be lower by now.

The real issue is the staffing problem. Hiring new teachers and other faculty members is a time consuming task. It is questionable whether or not Innovative Arts can get the required number of teachers hired and trained by the time the school opens. Renovations are another problem. Apparently, they are not complete. In other words, the dilapidated school is not yet ready to accept students and who knows if it will be anytime soon.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be an educator head down to Innovative Arts Academy.  Chances are if you can count to ten and speak English relatively fluently, they will hire you right on the spot!

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7 Responses to Now Hiring! No Experience Necessary. Immediate Start. Apply Now!

  1. Tidusx145 says:

    Hey so did you actually send the mailers or can we all just assume you’re lying at this point? Seems like you have more of a bone to pick than just putting out info from “good sources”.

  2. Frankie Coffeecake says:

    I’m giving 3-1 odds this school NEVER opens. Any takers?

  3. Ghost Of HotDog Brinker says:

    I was thinking maybe Kern can apply there. Or his big beaked wife. They can be the Clintons of Catty

  4. Mark Ulbricht says:

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Shut the charter school down before it costs us more money.

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