Innovative Arts Academy To Hold Open House On Sept.6


Instead of opening its doors on September 6th as scheduled, Innovative Arts Academy in Catty will be holding an ‘open house’ for parents that evening at the still unopened, unfinished and under staffed Innovative Arts Academy charter school on Howertown Rd. The ‘open house’ does not appear to be set up for the usual reasons. On the surface, the purpose of the ‘open house’ is to give parents an opportunity to see the school and speak to the board about the situation at the school. But just beneath the surface there are signs that this could be more. The ‘open house’ might be a recruiting tool to bring in more students and faculty.

Kelly Bauer, the chair of Innovative Art’s board is in way over her head. This is not an animal rescue fund event or working as the finance director for one of Philadelphia’s most corrupt councilmen. Her actions so far have been quite ineffective or late. As it stands right now, sources claim that Innovative Arts has 270 students firmly enrolled, not the 340 it claims. The number of faculty spots open stands at 12 according to reports, not 4 as is reported and claimed. To make a long story short, Innovative Arts is close to sinking and this ‘open house’ is a last ditch effort to right the ship before disaster strikes. Sadly, Kelly Bauer is no educator. She is a mediocre political consultant¬†with a very limited academic pedigree and a less than stellar reputation among her peers and people in Catty. She is just the type of person that somebody like Honest Abe would bring to the board to act as a scapegoat when everything goes to hell. Loraine Petrillo at least had the good sense to leave before things became too bad. Bauer is too ignorant to realize the extent of the damage done to Innovative Arts. In all likelihood she will not come to terms with it until she’s the one left holding the bag.

Soon she may have to explain why she contacted yours truly in July about mailing out some fliers on ‘behalf of the school.’ I’m sure many people are beginning to wonder.

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17 Responses to Innovative Arts Academy To Hold Open House On Sept.6

  1. Who Gives a Fuck? says:

    There are many of us following this blog who agree with you and disagree with you, but it’s becoming more apparent that you actually are an ex-politician. Probably a representative. Whether I personally agree with you or not, is irrelevant. The point of the matter is that someone is involving you who doesn’t know your alter-ego. We’re sure you put on a face and seem interested by the information you’re given, probably by Lewis, then relay the information in your own words onto this blog.

    My point being: who cares? Who genuinely gives a fuck? Why are you harping on this so much if you actually weren’t affiliated or brought into the mix? Why would you care so much unless you were personally victimized or fucked over?

    Even if you were victimized in some odd way or fucked over, I don’t understand why you’d go out of your way to be so negative and scrutinize every single inch of this institution. All you’re doing is belaboring a point and making someone clearly invested in IT go out of their way to unveil your identity, which BTW, is honestly not difficult- coming from someone working in networking.

    While I’m certainly clear on the 1st amendment, why don’t you leave the reporting and gossip up to the news? I’m just saying, I bet there are people investing their time and energy into generating something from nothing, like teachers and secretaries. They don’t deserve to be scrutinized in the same manner you’re generalizing the entire administration.

    Just go back to something relevant to EVERYONE’S lives like finding flaws in Clinton or Stein.

    • I’m not a former or current politician. Nor am I an aspiring politician. After Tuesday this blog will be returning to more relevant topics. We are on the same page, this subject has just about been ridden into the ground

  2. Once a believer, now a skeptic says:

    Two weeks on and still no proof. I gotta be honest here, I actually have been following this for awhile hoping you’d nail the charter school (I think they force schools to compete for money and schools shouldn’t be privatized at all) but honestly this sounds less like informative blog posts and more like a hit piece. I feel like you have an actual dog in this fight and that’s a clear case of conflict of interest. I have a source (friend from college who works there) say the school is still at 340 and that you’re actually either a local ex politician who lost reelection and is taking it out on who she sees fit, or you’re their husband so should I believe you or the rumors? Even if thats a lie, I still have to wonder why you care so much about this scandal. People ask yourself. Who is this source and why is the information they give out so vague? Is this all just heresay and guesses? I don’t know, but I do know this seems fishy and that there is not even close to enough evidence on here to suggest the school had anything to do with the mailers. Then again once the freedom of information request is given to the school lawyers, they’ll know who sent the ad and mailers anyway.

    That’s actually my other concern, you originally said “you’re welcome” the day the news picked up on the mailers and then took credit on the Morning Call’s website for sending the mailers. Someone else on the blog pointed out that in that photo you can clearly see multiple mailers. So i agree with Tidus here, you probably did send the mailers. Also you should probably censor the names on that photo I can get two clear names and addresses from it. Just a heads up

    • I care so much about this scandal because the school, its board, and former CEO are acting like the victims here when the opposite is more than likely true. What I know or do not know will be revealed in time. It would’ve happened by now but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Kelly Bauer, in an attempt to keep herself insulated, may have inadvertently doomed the school through her most recent actions. There is much more to come, starting Tuesday night at the ‘Open House.’ Believe me, this story is not over.

  3. Valley Independent says:

    Innovative Arts is going to close because it cant pull its weight financially. But before it closes, Honest Abe will take everything he can from that school.

  4. Art On 4th says:

    Jim, you’ve done a lot of Ban The Bench protests, what do you think about arranging a protest in front of the school on Open House night? I know you can pull it off.

  5. Lyle McMillan says:

    I went to high school with Kelly. We used to call her “Black Out Bauer” because she had a thing for black guys. My friend used to date her girlfriend and he called her “Size Queen Bauer.” Can only imagine why.

  6. Kelly Bauer's Neighbor says:

    I really don’t understand how this woman is running a charter school. She does not have an education, as you pointed out, and she hangs around with seedy politicians and other people.

    • You can’t choose your neighbors

    • RamKing says:

      Bauer isn’t running the school. She’s the head of the board. Those people pretend to know what they’re doing, but in actuality, they have no idea what’s going on other than their input from Gabryluk on Tuesday evenings. Trust me. People have been working morning, day, and night to put this together by.the.books! She hasn’t been there to help at all.

  7. Eric Schmitt says:

    Kelly Bauer contacted you?? She wanted you to send out those mailers?? WHAT?????

      • Tidusx145 says:

        Wait are you admitting again to sending these mailers? Shame on you. What a disgusting stunt you pulled. If Bauer was involved, she is no better. But don’t think for a second that this excuses you from your actions. I really don’t understand why you think fucking with children’s futures and teacher’s current jobs is something like a joke here? Seriously, I hope you see some sort of justice out of this from the law or a civil lawsuit. No threat, you’re just an asshole

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