Tonight Is Protest Night At Innovative Arts Academy


Logistics for tonight are as follows: Protesters will meet at Catasauqua park at 6:30 PM. From there we will walk as a group to the Innovative Arts Academy building. I’ve had a lot of calls and emails from people interested in attending. I estimate maybe 30 people so far. I have around 20 signs made so please bring your own if possible.

The purpose of tonight’s protest is to make people aware of Kelly Bauer and the role she played in the mailer saga. For starters, I do not know how such an under-qualified woman with a weak formal education and no experience in education could have been handed a place on the board. Perhaps the rumors about her having an affair with Honest Abe are true and this was payback. In any case, she used her position to ask ‘favors’ of people in Whitehall. The favors included handling the mailers. I was one of the idiots dumb enough to do this ‘favor’ for her. Keep in mind that I was under the impression that the mailers were being sent out with the school’s approval. Bauer even gave money for the printing and claimed the money came from the school. Since the mailer scandal broke, a lot of people have suffered. Teachers left the school, as did the CEO. Loraine Petrillo’s involvement with the $100k loan was nothing compared to the role Bauer played, BTW.


Kelly Bauer: Innovative Arts Academy Board President, alleged adulterer and suspected ringleader of the Mailer Scandal and the $100k ‘loan’ deal. Also, all around unlikable person.

So tonight we will show up and voice our displeasure with Innovative Arts Academy, Kelly Bauer and the entire situation. I will be bringing along a reporter and photographer from too. Se will conduct an interview, ask questions and bring along a photographer to take photographs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!


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6 Responses to Tonight Is Protest Night At Innovative Arts Academy

  1. Local Yokel says:

    So when your continued actions get a school shut down, I hope you’ll be happy with the blame asshole. We don’t need more crowded schools and this “scandal” is laughable. A lot of the general public just doesn’t care that much and we definitely don’t want a school shut down over this. It’ll be a major detriment to our areas education, but I guess since it’s a personal matter between you and this board woman, that doesn’t matter right? Go get your minions riled up, anf get your fifteen minutes in the spotlight. This whole thing is disgusting and you, the only person who has admitted responsibility so far, have NO right to further this, in fact the teachers should be able to sue you when their jobs are taken away by your impulsive actions. I along with anyone I share this with are stunned that people are taking you seriously. Bringing the media only proves my points. Find a better cause, you aren’t good for this community

    • This community does not need a charter school. Charter schools are nothing but scams that leave inner-city children unprepared. They are educated in meaningless subjects like cooking and medical billing and towns such as Catty have to pay the bill. Hope to see you tonight, Yokel.

  2. Concerned Parent says:

    People reading this post and considering helping at the protest, What happened to personal responsibility? If you are truly anti charter or anti-corruption, why would you follow someone who originally helped belittle a public school for their own agenda, and is now pushing for a protest at the same school he helped for the same reason? Ideologies shouldn’t trump our actions. This person helped create this scandal and now he’s looking for more attention in the form of a protest. No one is mad at his awful political stunt of sending thousands of mailers? Those mailers were crude and wrong no matter where you stand. Against a school that is opening whether he likes it or not. Shame on you CACK, you are everything that is wrong with the political atmosphere today, using lies and fear to push your agenda. If there was corruption, you should be held responsible just as much as the others, not parading across the school to stroke your ego. This is a sham and I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

    • I did not help create this scandal. I was used for the nefarious purposes of Kelly Bauer and whoever her handlers are.

      • Concerned Parent says:

        You helped send the mailers, you saw them and said “yes that’s a fair statement about the Liberty School district that the parents of the area should read”, damn right you had a hand in this. At the very least it makes your protest dubious. I can’t wait until this school opens and you crawl back into whatever hole you came from. This is an open house for parents and students already enrolled. Your actions will do nothing but scare those innocent kids. Whoever shows up should be ashamed. For God’s sake I hate charter schools too but this is wrong. You have no place to lead a protest you helped create. Take responsibility for once.

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