Mission Accomplished: Protest Successful


We came. We saw. We protested. Innovative Arts tried to make like we weren’t there. Even going as far as to call people on Facebook liars when they innocently asked about the protests. Below is a copy of the conversation from Facebook.


Insulting parents and conjuring up lies, Innovative Arts? Shame on you. You know there was a protest.

The protest did the job. We had about 20 people out there for an hour or so. Lots of support from people driving by. Talked to a few parents after the open house ended. They told me that Steve Gabryluk admitted the staffing is at 60% so they have some big holes to fill. When pressed, he even admitted that the number of enrolled students has dipped below 310.

This school is not opening next week. It is just riddled with corruption and incompetence.

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7 Responses to Mission Accomplished: Protest Successful

  1. Who Gives a Fuck? says:

    Pretty sure CACK is writing these blog posts in response to his own blog. You were definitely the creepy guy in purple with the tacky traveler’s hat. AKA the only asshole in the building without a child. Conspicuous much? No protesters alongside of you either. Pssh.

  2. Asshat says:

    Prove it.

  3. Concerned Parent says:

    I was there to take photos from 630-830. No such protest took place. I have photos of an empty sidewalk if anyone wants them. We only saw a creepy guy in a purple polo shirt walking around with no kids. Was that you by any chance?

    Oh and where are the protest photos? No photos, no proof.

    Again I and many others were there, no protest happened. I’d love to be proven wrong, but seeing as I was physically there watching I’m calling bullshit. Please post pics

  4. Norbie Treschow says:

    I saw you guys out there tonight. I made a mention of it to the school and they flat out called me a liar. Can you believe that?

  5. Grape Street Walker says:

    There was no protest? Well then where was I from 6 to 7 tonight? I thought I was at Innovative Arts with a sign in my hands. But apparently, Kelly Bauer says we weren’t there. What a stupid bitch.

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