Innovative Arts Academy Informs Parents School Will Close


I hate to say it, but I will anyway: I TOLD YOU SO. Innovative Arts Academy is nothing but a scam, offering no quality education for students, and just serving as a money trough for those who invested in it……like Honest Abe. The problems the school has had over the last 10 months are well documented. First it was the flyer debacle, then leadership changes, protests at the open house, declining membership and most recently, failure to comply with state requirements for special needs students.

So, in light of this, it should come as no surprise that Innovative Arts Academy has informed the parents of its dwindling student body that the school will be permanently closing next month and they need to seek new schools for their children next year.

Just like with most things Kelly Bauer gets her hands on, this one has turned to shit. King Midas in reverse.

So, for all the grief I received from the school’s supporters, who’s laughing now? I am. LMAO


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4 Responses to Innovative Arts Academy Informs Parents School Will Close

  1. Walker Scott says:

    A diploma from this school will be useless. How many of the graduating class are moving on to four year colleges? From the start this was a scam run by Atiyef and his cohort Kelly Bauer. Incompetent leadership from the start. Even the teachers complained about the school’s lack of special need facilities.

  2. Fernando Pagan says:

    It is people like you who have ruined a good school for children like ours. We try and send our sons and daughters to a school in your town to better them but all you do is use your racism to destroy the foundation of their dreams. Sick!

  3. Paul Shinawsky says:

    Drove by earlier. Place looks deserted.

  4. Alice McInnis says:

    This was a matter of time. IAC was run by questionable people and was only concerned with making money. You certainly called this one early on!

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