About Us

Whitehall has changed. Commissioner Kyle Kern is gone from office now but this blog moves forward. Lehigh Valley issues, township issues and national politics are the topics of interest for 2014.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. T.A. Piro says:

    I agree about the Constables comment you made (August 15, 2014; 12:32 pm) about them being more like “mall security guards” and also a great reply to such a rude comment on your site. The posting party is obviously a friend, family member, or fellow Constable of the people you posted on I am sure.

    At any rate, I have no idea how to “leave a comment” because many of the posts don’t allow me to for some reason but I wanted to speak on behalf of a February 2014 post referring to Whitehall appointing/not voting in Mr. Phil Armstrong. He was a former American Studies teacher of mine in Whitehall HS between 1998-2002 and not only was he a remarkable educator for at least 30 yrs or so but he’s also one heck of a guy on the outside, as a public citizen/resident of Whitehall.

    He is coming up on an election to the Board this May 2015 which is why I’m commenting because now people had a chance (a little over a year) to feel out Mr. Armstrong and his agenda, what he is about and how he operates within the political theater of Commissioners, and I strongly ask all of Whitehall (of course the Republican Party, Moderates, and anyone sitting on the fence who are interested in “local” politics) to definitely give this man a vote and let him work his magic within the halls of the Township building as you say!

    That’s all. Have a great Easter,

    T.A. Piro, III
    Whitehall (Hokendauqua), PA

  2. james says:

    and your a backwoods wanna be reporter!! those two constables are very much police bonehead, how else to you think they were serving the warrants? ONLY police can serve a warrant, do your fact check wanna be reporter. They also didn’t shoot him over fleeing or parking tickets, it was because they were about to be ran over by a car by this guy. If I was these two constables and saw your garbage writing I would sue you for slanderous remarks you make. You are a true piece of CRAP. , go back on your vacation, the place was better without you around

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