Mission Accomplished: Protest Successful


We came. We saw. We protested. Innovative Arts tried to make like we weren’t there. Even going as far as to call people on Facebook liars when they innocently asked about the protests. Below is a copy of the conversation from Facebook.


Insulting parents and conjuring up lies, Innovative Arts? Shame on you. You know there was a protest.

The protest did the job. We had about 20 people out there for an hour or so. Lots of support from people driving by. Talked to a few parents after the open house ended. They told me that Steve Gabryluk admitted the staffing is at 60% so they have some big holes to fill. When pressed, he even admitted that the number of enrolled students has dipped below 310.

This school is not opening next week. It is just riddled with corruption and incompetence.

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A Little Pre-Game Encouragement


Thanks to the First Baptist Church for taking a stand against corruption and evil! See all of you tonight!

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Tonight Is Protest Night At Innovative Arts Academy


Logistics for tonight are as follows: Protesters will meet at Catasauqua park at 6:30 PM. From there we will walk as a group to the Innovative Arts Academy building. I’ve had a lot of calls and emails from people interested in attending. I estimate maybe 30 people so far. I have around 20 signs made so please bring your own if possible.

The purpose of tonight’s protest is to make people aware of Kelly Bauer and the role she played in the mailer saga. For starters, I do not know how such an under-qualified woman with a weak formal education and no experience in education could have been handed a place on the board. Perhaps the rumors about her having an affair with Honest Abe are true and this was payback. In any case, she used her position to ask ‘favors’ of people in Whitehall. The favors included handling the mailers. I was one of the idiots dumb enough to do this ‘favor’ for her. Keep in mind that I was under the impression that the mailers were being sent out with the school’s approval. Bauer even gave money for the printing and claimed the money came from the school. Since the mailer scandal broke, a lot of people have suffered. Teachers left the school, as did the CEO. Loraine Petrillo’s involvement with the $100k loan was nothing compared to the role Bauer played, BTW.


Kelly Bauer: Innovative Arts Academy Board President, alleged adulterer and suspected ringleader of the Mailer Scandal and the $100k ‘loan’ deal. Also, all around unlikable person.

So tonight we will show up and voice our displeasure with Innovative Arts Academy, Kelly Bauer and the entire situation. I will be bringing along a reporter and photographer from LehighValleyLive.com too. Se will conduct an interview, ask questions and bring along a photographer to take photographs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!


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CACK Will Protest Innovative Arts Academy Open House On Tuesday Sept 6


Okay, campers. If you’ve been following this blog for a long time you know how much CACK loves to put together a good protest. For those of you who are new to Citizens Against Commissioner Kern, stick around, it’s about to get interesting.

Right now plans are underway for a protest in front of Innovative Arts Academy on September 6, 2016 to coincide with the open house scheduled to be held that evening. Quite frankly, I am not happy with the direction that this charter school is going in. It has been riddled with incompetence and corruption from Day One. Over the last month that fact has become apparent to anyone who has been following the drama playing out on Howertown Road. I have a personal stake in this too. As I’ve alluded to in the last two weeks, I did play an indirect role in the mailer saga. My efforts were done to help out members on the board whom I believed were good people with the school’s interests first and foremost in their mind. I was proved wrong and manipulated. I’m not happy about being made to be a fool and I will do everything possible to expose the real intentions of the board members and select others who I interacted with earlier in the summer.

Plans are underway for the protest. More info will be posted tomorrow. Buckle up your safety belts because this ride is going to be intense!

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Innovative Arts Academy To Hold Open House On Sept.6


Instead of opening its doors on September 6th as scheduled, Innovative Arts Academy in Catty will be holding an ‘open house’ for parents that evening at the still unopened, unfinished and under staffed Innovative Arts Academy charter school on Howertown Rd. The ‘open house’ does not appear to be set up for the usual reasons. On the surface, the purpose of the ‘open house’ is to give parents an opportunity to see the school and speak to the board about the situation at the school. But just beneath the surface there are signs that this could be more. The ‘open house’ might be a recruiting tool to bring in more students and faculty.

Kelly Bauer, the chair of Innovative Art’s board is in way over her head. This is not an animal rescue fund event or working as the finance director for one of Philadelphia’s most corrupt councilmen. Her actions so far have been quite ineffective or late. As it stands right now, sources claim that Innovative Arts has 270 students firmly enrolled, not the 340 it claims. The number of faculty spots open stands at 12 according to reports, not 4 as is reported and claimed. To make a long story short, Innovative Arts is close to sinking and this ‘open house’ is a last ditch effort to right the ship before disaster strikes. Sadly, Kelly Bauer is no educator. She is a mediocre political consultant with a very limited academic pedigree and a less than stellar reputation among her peers and people in Catty. She is just the type of person that somebody like Honest Abe would bring to the board to act as a scapegoat when everything goes to hell. Loraine Petrillo at least had the good sense to leave before things became too bad. Bauer is too ignorant to realize the extent of the damage done to Innovative Arts. In all likelihood she will not come to terms with it until she’s the one left holding the bag.

Soon she may have to explain why she contacted yours truly in July about mailing out some fliers on ‘behalf of the school.’ I’m sure many people are beginning to wonder.

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Now Hiring! No Experience Necessary. Immediate Start. Apply Now!


So  it turns out that the mailing/unethical monetary loan scandal plaguing Innovative Arts Academy is taking its toll on the school’s faculty. The negative publicity that the school is just bathing in right now has led to a number of faculty members to leave. At the board of trustees meeting last night it came to light that incomplete renovations and a shortfall in staffing are two main reasons for the school’s opening date being delayed.

Steve Gabryluk said that the bad publicity has damaged staffing numbers. True. What he did not say is how badly.  My sources have told me a large portion of the staff departures have come in the past two weeks and it is unclear if they can be made up in time. What Gabryluk did not mention is that enrollment has also dropped since this scandal took on a life of its own. 350 students were estimated to be enrolled by the first day of classes. A few weeks ago Innovative Arts was on its way to reaching that goal easily. Since then, the number of enrolled students has allegedly dropped to 270 and might even be lower by now.

The real issue is the staffing problem. Hiring new teachers and other faculty members is a time consuming task. It is questionable whether or not Innovative Arts can get the required number of teachers hired and trained by the time the school opens. Renovations are another problem. Apparently, they are not complete. In other words, the dilapidated school is not yet ready to accept students and who knows if it will be anytime soon.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be an educator head down to Innovative Arts Academy.  Chances are if you can count to ten and speak English relatively fluently, they will hire you right on the spot!

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Innovative Arts Academy Opening Delayed 1 Week….For Now


I told you so! LOL I’ve been telling you this for days now. But what do I know? According to some readers here, I’m just a ‘troll.’

If the school opens at all I will be shocked. My sources…the same ones who said the opening would be delayed….have said there is serious doubt that the school can move forward at all now

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