Welcome To Donald Trump’s America


The Trump Era has officially commenced. His call on all Americans to come together and make this nation great again is inspirational to say the least. So, unless you’re a welfare reliant mother of 30 kids in Easton, or a 22 year old homicidal Allentown thug, or a clueless Whitehall liberal, let’s get on board and make this nation great again!!

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Congratulations George Levendowski ’16 Secret Santa Winner


Congratulations to Mr.George Levendowski of Walnutport. He is the winner of Secret Santa ’16 and will be taking home a 2017 Porsche Panamera. Unfortunately, the 2017 Panameras are facing delays and the dealership estimates this particular car, already ordered and paid for, will arrive sometime in April. We will be setting up a little ceremony for George for that point.

George’s 200 word entry, along with some information about the contest results will be posted after New Years.

Again, congrats to George and I hope you are all having a good holiday season!



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Secret Santa ’16: The Panamera Christmas Rules & Regulations


I truly love this time of year and bestowing grand gifts upon my fellow Lehigh Valley citizens. The fact that this year’s gift is a $95,000 luxury automobile requires a contest to determine the winner. Fair is fair after all. So, without further preamble I will lay out the rules, requirements and regulations for Secret Santa ’16: The Panamera Christmas.

Contest Rules etc.

The contest is simple. Each person to enter must explain why the Lehigh Valley is a wonderful place to experience Christmas in 200 words or less. The entries will be read and judged by yours truly as well as two other judges whom I will select by the end of the week. Contestants will send their entries to Citizensagainstkern@gmail.com no later than December 23, 2016. A winner will be announced on Christmas Day, 2016.

Since I bought the car, I will select the winner.  I’ll select the entry that moves me the most. If none of them do, there will be no winner. It is that simple.

Each person to submit an entry to the contest must be a legal resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and possess a valid PA drivers license. He or she must be above the age of 18.

This contest is open to all PA residents except for the mayor of Whitehall, all members of the Whitehall board of commissioners, Whitehall Police Department, Whitehall volunteer firemen, current employees and board members of the Innovative Arts Academy, Catasauqua, PA, employees of Abe Atiyeh’s companies, Kelly Bauer, Kyle and Michelle Kern and employees of the Whitehall-Coplay School District.


Good Luck To All!



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CACK Secret Santa 2016


In December of 2014 I paid for a number of lay-a-ways at Toys R Us. Last December I bailed a family out of foreclosure allowing them to enjoy Christmas in their home without fear of the bank coming in and changing the locks. This year I am upping the ante somewhat. For Secret Santa 2016 I will be giving away a fully loaded and paid for 2017 Porsche Panamera. Yes, you read that right. Yours truly is giving away a Porsche Panamera in a Secret Santa contest that anyone in the Lehigh Valley will be able to enter.

Details will be posted tomorrow on how to enter and what the rules will be.



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Internet Rule #14

Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win (Although what was said about Kelly Bauer is, to my knowledge, true)




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Mission Accomplished: Protest Successful


We came. We saw. We protested. Innovative Arts tried to make like we weren’t there. Even going as far as to call people on Facebook liars when they innocently asked about the protests. Below is a copy of the conversation from Facebook.


Insulting parents and conjuring up lies, Innovative Arts? Shame on you. You know there was a protest.

The protest did the job. We had about 20 people out there for an hour or so. Lots of support from people driving by. Talked to a few parents after the open house ended. They told me that Steve Gabryluk admitted the staffing is at 60% so they have some big holes to fill. When pressed, he even admitted that the number of enrolled students has dipped below 310.

This school is not opening next week. It is just riddled with corruption and incompetence.

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A Little Pre-Game Encouragement


Thanks to the First Baptist Church for taking a stand against corruption and evil! See all of you tonight!

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