Internet Rule #14

Do not argue with a troll — it means that they win (Although what was said about Kelly Bauer is, to my knowledge, true)




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4 Responses to Internet Rule #14

  1. Tidusx145 says:

    Nah you definitely had a personal problem with Kelly Bauer and tried to make a protest to end her school and ruin dozens of jobs. I really really hope karma comes back for you, but you should know most people in Bethlehem think you acted like a piece of shit. Oh and most of the people you were commenting back to were me. Concerned parent, thisbloggerisaphony, john smith, the list goes on. You were mostly talking to one person using multiple accounts. Seriously have a great day yourself you shithead. I seriously hope you get sued over this.

    • I figured it was you. The theme of the posts were far too similar. As were the names….very unoriginal.
      There was no personal problem with Kelly Bauer. Any problems that she has because of her actions as board president are solely of her own making. Last point….I couldn’t care less about what the people in Bethlehem think of me. LOL That town is going down the tubes anyhow. 🙂

  2. Walter J. Shinoski says:

    So this whole thing was a practical joke? Wow. I have to tip my cap if that’s the case

  3. Concerned Parent says:


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