Innovative Arts Academy In Trouble, May Close Before The End Of The Year


I warned you all about Innovative Arts Academy. I told you it was nothing short of a scam by Honest Abe. Run by a board of incompetents and staffed by teachers of questionable quality, the beleaguered ‘school’ is now in serious trouble. Enrollment is dropping rapidly. A new principal coming on board has not presented a bona fide plan to stop the mass exodus of students. In September the enrollment stood at 283 students….still below the 300 to 250 in March. There’s now questions floating as to whether or not Innovative Arts has adhered to Pennsylvania’s Sunshine Act.

The new principal, Douglas Taylor is acting shady already. Aside from not coming to the job with a viable plan to turn the school around, Taylor refuses to answer questions about his age other than to say he’s ‘younger than most administrators.’ Not exactly a straight shooter.

Well, it looks like with Innovative Arts on life support the time has come for old Jim to start paying attention to this trainwreck once more.



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